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Share Article now offers the public the ability to instantly search any email address for more information about information contained in the owner’s social network profiles linked to that address, absolutely free of charge. Frequently, these profiles are connected to the same email address used to send personal and other messages, allowing users to view the owner’s name, photos and their lists of friends online, among other personal details. helps users track down who is sending junk and spam email, bogus business opportunities and even threatening messages in an instant.

Instantly Identify Email Scammers with Email Search on

Email is now the most popular form of communication, with nearly 3 billion messages sent on a daily basis. is a free email ID service that allows users to conduct a reverse email search, giving the ability to quickly and easily discover the owner’s identity. This site allows users to determine the real name of the owner, view their photos and other personal information found via links to their social network profiles – such as a list of their online friends. This includes searching networks such as Foursquare, Facebook and even Flickr. lets users become cyber-detectives and discover the truth about anyone sending them an email. Conducting these reverse email searches could even allow users to:
1.    Locate the private contact and ownership information that a user’s email address links to their online social network profiles
2.    Find out who’s been sending junk or spam email
3.    Track down a stalker
4.    Establishing the validity of a business or other proposal received in an email message from an unknown source

Most email users may not realize the information that the public can obtain about them by simply searching their email address, but now they can determine the details that are divulged about them by inputting their addresses into the search engine at Many social network users simply aren’t aware of the information contained in their profiles that become public information, so can help them determine how secure this information truly is.

Another use for conducting an email address search at is determining the validity of an email received from an unknown source. If it is unknown whether the message is a scam, such as those that contain a bogus business proposal or one of financial partnership, users can quickly determine the sender’s identity. This is largely because many members of online social networks will use the same email address as contact information in their profiles. Email Sherlock can help a user determine if the sender is a real person or machine that is simply targeting their email address.

The service provided by is also completely free of charge, allowing unlimited email address searches at any time.

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