2 Tips To Teach Good Puppy Etiquette

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2 tips to teach etiquette to puppies. Holly Mastroianni, long time breeder and owner of Royal Flush Havanese explains how great dog manners can be learned at 8 weeks or 8 years by your family companion.

royal flush havanese black and white male havanese puppy
she has also coached her puppy owners in raising their new companions to have good puppy ettiquette.

Whether starting fresh with and 8 week old puppy or determined to refine your 8 year old dog's behavior, two simple steps can shape your canine family companion so he enhances your family life instead of being a cause for anxiety. Holly Mastroianni, long time breeder and owner of Royal Flush Havanese, has successfully raised and trained many Havanese puppies to be polite, well-mannered members of the family. For decades she has also coached her puppy owners in raising their new companions to have good puppy etiquette. Anyone can impliment these simple techniques.

Every human member of the family ranks higher than the canine members. Parents should explain this to children. If anyone in the family allows a different pack order, your canine companion will eventually exert his dominance in unpleasant ways regardless of age, size, breed or gender. With lots of love and these 2 tips, the human family members will train Fido to be a loving, polite family member.

An 8 weeks old puppy is ready to learn to sit on command. An 8 year old dog can be taught just as easily. The first tip in raising a polite family member is to teach him to sit. He should sit before you place his food bowl down, before attaching a leash for a walk, before he gets in the car to go for a ride, when greeting people at the door and before you lavish him with affection! It is very impressive to watch a well behaved puppy or dog interact with his family. Fido shouldn't be allowed to jump all over you or strangers to get attention. All he has to do is sit and he will be rewarded with lots of praise. He loves this idea and quickly learns that sit equals good things.

Teaching your puppy or adult the "wait" command is the second tip to good dog manners. Once he sits on command, ask him to wait. You can hold up your hand as if giving him the signal to stop. This command comes in handy and is a little different from asking him to stay because when you ask your dog to wait, it is only for a very short time. He can wait while you put his bowl on the floor, while you're preparing the back seat of the car for him, while you open the door for company to come in or try to find where to attach his leash for a walk.

Once Fido has practiced "sit" and "wait" for these every day occurances, he will sit and wait on his own when he wants something from you. Wouldn't it be great not to have your dog burst through the door as soon as you open it, but if he were to sit and wait for you to invite him through? 2 simple tips to teaching your puppy etiquette can lead to an adult dog with great manners and a calmer environment for you and your family companion. Royal Flush Havanese invites you to visit Puppy Care Articles for more information on how to raise and train a wonderful puppy!

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