"There's Plenty Of Room For All God's Creatures. Right Next To The Mashed Potatoes." Ten Year Old Saying On Restaurant Billboard and Funny TShirts Still As Popular Today

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In 2002, a local restaurant's billboard irreverent advertising slogan, "There's Plenty of Room For All God's Creatures, Right Next ToThe Mashed Potatoes," caught national attention, creating controversy while generating sales growth as well as cool T-Shirts sales for Saskatoon: Steaks Fish and Wild Game; http://saskatoonrestaurant.com/saskatoon-moose-tee-shirt.html. Ten years later, that funny saying from the billboard is just as popular as ever and has been copied bumper stickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs. Even Sarah Palin featured it in her book, "Going Rogue".

There's plenty of room for all Alaska's animals, Right next to the mashed potatoes. Sarah Palin

In 2007, Edmund Woo, owner of Saskatoon: Steaks, Fish and Wild Game, a restaurant in Greenville, South Carolina was looking for ways to advertise his business. He eventually decided on a billboard and funny t shirts campaign that featured a scenic image of a moose grazing amid the wonders of nature, with the the irreverent billboard caption, " There's Plenty of Room For All God's Creatures, Right Next To The Mashed Potatoes."

The billboard was an instant success boosting Woo's restaurant revenues 20%. Unfortunately, the other thing that the billboard increased was a bevy of negative calls to the restaurant from various religious groups as well as PETA enthusiasts. In addition, the image of the billboard gained virtual appeal circulating as an email and on the internet.

Edmund Woo, Chef Owner of Saskatoon Restaurant, says, "I remember the frist days after the billboard went up. I was deluged with negative calls from people who said that they were disgusted with the billboard, how it was irrreverent to God, and how they were never ever going to try my restaurant. That first day, I went home and told my wife, I think I've really messed up and have stepped in it!

On the other hand, business in the restaurant went up 20% and I literally sold thousands of these t-shirts to people looking for funny tshirts or cool tshirts all over the country and the world to people who had never or would ever come to the restaurant!" http://saskatoonrestaurant.com/saskatoon-moose-tee-shirt.html

While, the billboard and its slogan generated and has continued to generate business for Woo, it has also generated an entire cottage industry using that slogan or variations of it on billboards, funny t-shirts, bumper stickers, cool tshirts and coffee mugs. Woo comments that everytime he is on a trip somewhere, he will see his slogan copied and used to sell merchandise. "I've have seen my slogan on funny tshirts everywhere! Sometimes, it's the same exact wording, sometimes, they change the 'mashed potatoes' to 'gravy'. I even saw it in Sarah Palin's book, "Going Rogue" where she says, "There plenty of room for all Alaska's animals, Right next to the mashed potatoes."

An Google internet search for the funny slogan, yielded 98,300 searches.

Woo ruminates, "It's really crazy that something we did would become a unique slogan that would endure for so long." Woo still sells the original funny tshirt for the same price as he sold it initially in 2007. To order the original cool tshirt, go to: http://saskatoonrestaurant.com/saskatoon-moose-tee-shirt.html

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