Advanced dental implant techniques available at Red Sky Dental Spa gives hope to denture wearers by giving them rock solid teeth to chew and smile with

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Over 87% of denture wearers have problems with their false teeth and studies have shown this limits their choice of food, quality of life and shortens life expectancy. The evolutionary new All-on-Four technique technique is now available to restore those who suffer back to full function, letting them chew and smile with the confidence of rock solid teeth. This dental implant technique has transformed the lives of many patients and is available from Dr Khaira at Red Sky Dental Spa now.

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UK denture wearers get their chewing power back and rock solid teeth thanks to evolutionary techniques.

Dentures can be ill-fitting, uncomfortable and restricting at the best of times. But thanks to a revolutionary new technique, The UK’s denture wearers could be getting their chewing power back, thanks to dental implants and the evolutionary All-on-Four technique.

“11 million people now wear dentures in the UK”, explains Doncaster-based Red Sky Dental Spa’s Dr Pavandeep Khaira. “And with one million of these aged between 16 and 44, it’s not just the elderly. Also, people are living longer, potentially increasing the demand for dentures. What many people are not told is that dentures at best give you 7% of your total chewing power, and this reduces with time. It can very soon get to the point where you can't eat or speak without your dentures jumping around. This causes social and professional embarrassment. Fortunately, there are amazing things we can do.”

Dental implants have been around for some time, but until now they’ve not been suitable for everyone. However, as Dr Khaira explains, the difference with All on Four™ dental implants is that implants can be placed where they couldn’t be placed before. In other words, people that lost all their teeth many years ago may now be able to get them back in the form of rock solid implants that look, feel and perform like real teeth.

“As an experienced dentist, I’ve seen denture wearers reduced to eating mashed potato and soup”, says Dr Khaira. “And for many others, everyday treats like crunchy apples, crisp French bread and steak are well and truly off the menu. As the world’s most advanced dental implant system, All on Four™ can help people who have lost all hope of being able to eat properly again, regardless of age or how long they’ve had their dentures. They are the closest thing to having natural teeth back in terms of function.”

All on Four™ dental implants can replace between one and all of the teeth. “They’re called All on Four™ because just four implants are required per jaw”, Dr Khaira continues. “A new set of teeth is then screwed in place onto these implants resulting in a rock solid set of teeth that don’t rub, don’t shift when they eat or move around their mouth while they talk and smile.”

Fitting this revolutionary new implant system is life transforming, as Dr Khaira explains: “First we invite the patient in for an informal chat to check the condition of their mouth and gums, and explain the various options and costs. Next, we insert the implants along with a temporary bridge that allows them to ‘road test’ their teeth, bite and smile for a couple of months before the final bridge is fitted. We have successfully taken people from liquid diets to eating anything they want”

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And if the thought of the dentist’s drill makes you run for cover, Dr Khaira has a solution: “We offer sedation which leaves patients in a dreamy but conscious state while we place the implants. In fact it’s so effective that many don’t remember the procedure taking place at all.”

But with their old dentures discarded and in their place a beautiful, rock-solid smile, not to mention the whole culinary world at their feet, patients certainly remember the results.

Dr Khaira has studied extensively in Europe and the US to be able to deliver the very best care he can. He is a believer in providing the quality care you want in a personal and professional manner. He has helped countless people fall in love with their smiles.

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Dr Pavandeep Khaira BDS (University of London)
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