Hot Sauces N More Announces Top Three New Exotic Peppers for Summer Grilling

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Add variety to barbecue dishes this summer. Spice up rubs and marinades with these exotic peppers.

The Naga Bhut Jolokia has been upstaged by the newly discovered and propagated Trinidad Maruga Scorpion pepper.

The summer season brings more opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and most importantly to barbecue. Barbecue has been the preferred method of cooking since cavemen discovered fire. Throughout that long history, many ways of preparing and cooking meats and vegetables for the grill or smoker have been devised. With the recent commercial appearance of three new peppers, spice up any grilling recipe for the rest of the season.

Beyond the basics of salt and pepper many enthusiasts use garlic and chili peppers to bring out the various personalities of a chosen meat with rubs or marinades. Beef and pork rubs almost always include paprika, sugar and basic chili powder seasonings. Cayenne, ancho or chipotle based rubs are fantastic for these purposes, but for a little different taste try more pungent peppers in favorite beef or pork rubs. 

Some ten years ago the peri-peri pepper from the Kalahari Desert began to appear in various forms. Today the peri-peri has become a favorite among pepper fans but much of the wider market is still unaware of the easy to use pepper for regular use. From basic powder to full gourmet sauces, the peri-peri can bring zing to barbecue.

A couple of years ago, rumors of an insanely hot pepper from the heart of India began to circulate. The Naga Bhut Jolokia was tracked down in the Indian interior and it did not disappoint. It soon came to be recognized as the hottest pepper in the world. While hot, the jolokia, used in small quantities, has a clean sustained heat that keeps the next bite in mind. If extremely hot food is preferred, the jolokia can be just the pepper to deliver.

The Naga Bhut Jolokia has been upstaged by the newly discovered and propagated Trinidad Maruga Scorpion pepper. Extreme heat is not the only attraction for these two titans of the hot sauce world. The scorpion is just hot. For lovers of extremely hot spicy food the scorpion is guaranteed to bring sweat with happiness. However, it is recognized as having a pleasing flavor that will work with any rub or marinade.

When hosting a barbecue this summer give these more exotic peppers a try. Recipes abound on the web for adding these special peppers to many dishes. The enhanced flavor gained will give any favorite grilled dish a brand new personality and please the palates of family and friends who like a little more spice in their life.

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