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Share Article is a free matchmaking website for mentors and mentees. Mentees take mentors out to lunch at the mentor’s favorite restaurant and get an hour of advice in return on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to gardening to whatever the mentor has expertise in. Everyone can use a mentor to achieve goals faster and more efficiently, and for the mentors, besides the good karma and the free meals, being listed on the site gives them positive exposure for their brand (and more potential clients as well.)

"By finding a mentor through our site, you now have zero excuse not to achieve your goals and dreams."

For those looking to become rap stars, open up coffee shops, travel to Antarctica, modify home loans, meet with industry insiders or simply achieve a goal of any kind, there is a new website that can help. allows people to easily meet with mentors in just about any topic they desire.

Mentees take mentors out to coffee or lunch at the mentor’s favorite restaurant and get an hour of advice in return on topics ranging from traveling to marketing to whatever the mentor has expertise in. “You’re going to have lunch anyway. Why not make it productive?” says cofounder, Evan Aaronson. “It’s an alternative to learning that’s even better than school, books or the media – real face to face conversations with experts in your neighborhood.”

As for career advancement, Aaronson says, “You can spend months mailing out blind resumes, or you can have one lunch with a mentor who could open doors for you. To me, dreams come true a lot faster when you have someone holding your hand and telling you what pitfalls to avoid.”

Aaronson knows a bit about pitfalls. He became bankrupt and almost homeless in his 20s because he said he didn’t have a mentor to give him proper guidance. “I had a lot of ambition, and I would exhaust a ton of energy and time trying to produce results, only to later learn that they could have been accomplished cheaper, faster and probably better if I had a mentor. But it’s not too late. I can find new mentors even today.”

Aaronson says that the image of the mentor and mentee is a lot more flexible than it used to be. A mentee is not simply the naïve youngster, and the mentor is not only an older gentleman with decades of experience. In the 21st century, sometimes the mentor can be young tech guru while the mentee is a retiree who needs to update his computer skills. The doctor can be a mentor in the medical field but a mentee in the world of gardening.

Within a week of launching, the site already includes heavyweights like Emmy nominated producers, architects, lawyers, doctors, and more. “For the mentors, it’s a lot more than just free meals and good karma. They can get positive exposure for their brand, meet possible employees, even get some potential consulting clients – plus their contact information is kept private, they approve all the mentees beforehand, and there’s no long term commitment. It’s just lunch,” says Aaronson.

Many celebrities have benefited greatly from a mentoring relationship. Justin Bieber was mentored by Usher. George Lucas was mentored by Francis Ford Coppola, and Dr. Phil was mentored by Oprah. More recently, someone paid over $3,000,000 to have lunch with Warren Buffet. “We’re just making the concept more accessible to the masses so that anyone can achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. Why re-invent the wheel? Through this site, a person can invent the wheel once and then share it.”

To sign up as a mentor or mentee, visit, call 818-538-4011 or email members(at)mealswithmentors(dot)com

Meals with Mentors – Bringing Expertise to the Table

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