“Dreams, Faith & Ammunition” Addresses Suicide Trend

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Sven Michael Davison’s just-published book “Dreams Faith & Ammunition” is first and foremost about dealing with suicidal depression from within and without

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Not everyone commits suicide over the same catalyst, but they all commit suicide because they feel there is no longer hope. It is an extremely difficult place to escape. I know. I’ve been there.

The “New York Daily News,” “MSNBC,” “Los Angeles Magazine,” “Dayton Daily News,” “The Daily Beast,” and Arkansas ABC 8 blog: “Kait8.com” have run articles on suicide in the past three weeks. If you read these articles there are a number of factors why husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, and military personnel both domestically and abroad, are all finding this life too hopeless to endure.

“Having experienced suicidal depression myself, I wanted to give others hope.” Davison reflects. “I wrote about my struggles with depression and told a parallel story from the point of view of a man in the nineteenth century who was also suicidal but did not have the same support or understanding that we have today. I felt this approach gives perspective, especially to those in a less-compassionate environment.” Davison tells how it feels to go through the various stages of depression and how he came close to ending his own life. Ultimately, he finds help and talks about all the avenues people can take to recover. “I wrote the book for anyone suffering the relentless feelings of self-loathing and to guide those close to the victims to see the signs before it’s too late.”

“Not everyone commits suicide over the same catalyst, but they all commit suicide because they feel there is no longer hope. It is an extremely difficult place to escape. I know. I’ve been there.” States Davison.

Because the topic is difficult to digest, the book is wrapped in an entertaining narrative so there are breaks of humor and fly-on-the-wall moments between the darker passages. “It’s the chocolate coating to help you wash down the bitter taste of suicidal depression.” Davison says. “I take the reader on the downward spiral, all the way to the point where I have a gun pointed to my head, and how I got help.”

“Dreams, Faith & Ammunition” is part historical fiction, part memoir. Two men, three timelines, one location; “Dreams, Faith & Ammunition” is a story about seeking the Promised Land. In the nineteenth century, one man seeks it literally, first by following Joseph Smith, and then James Strang to build a Kingdom of God on earth. In the twentieth century, another man envisions the Promised Land as the rewards and lifestyle he will achieve once he finishes his great American novel.

Both men move to Beaver Island, Michigan to fulfill their ideals. Both men face unforeseen obstacles and must overcome personal demons in their journey of faith and suicidal depression.

“Dreams, Faith & Ammunition” is available exclusively on Kindle Direct Publishing. The novel will be free on certain days during the month of July. Starting in July, Davison’s other novels “Blockbuster” and “State of Mind” will be available for .99 cents in eBook form for a limited time. The paper versions will remain at cover price.

“State of Union,” the sequel to “State of Mind,” is still on track for release in late fall of this year. The third installment of the “God Head Trilogy” will be released in the early spring of 2013. That title will be announced around the time “State of Union” is published.

Davison is an award-winning author living with his wife and son in the Los Angeles area. “Dreams, Faith & Ammunition” his is his third novel.

For more information visit http://stateofmindbook.com/author-DFAS.php

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