Forget Cryptic Passwords – Sign in with Using Pictures and Gestures

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The Fortress is a password manager that uses Photo Passwords to sign in. eliminates the need to use cryptic passwords that force users to use uppercase, lowercase and other special characters. Users sign in using pictures, gestures and/or passwords.

PhotoPasswords provide greater security and easier use.

Photo Password - more secure, visual and friendly for the user

The responsibility for providing Excellent Security belongs to technical architects and programmers, and shouldn’t be placed on the end user’s shoulders.

Joseph Latouf for announces the launch of The Fortress, an online password manager through which registered users sign in using pictures, gestures and/or passwords. Latouf refuses to force users into a programmer’s box of convenient tricks:

“The responsibility for providing Excellent Security belongs to technical architects and programmers, and shouldn’t be placed on the end user’s shoulders. Forcing users to use uppercase, lowercase or special characters – GIVE ME A BREAK!”

The Fortress, using Photo Passwords, allows users to upload their own pictures (which have personal meaning to them) and then create gestures and/or passwords. The benefits of Photo Passwords are:
1) There are no complicated combinations of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols to remember.
2) The pictures and the associated gestures and/or passwords have meaning only to the registered user.
3) The combination of photos, gestures and passwords far outnumber the possibilities using traditional passwords using letters and numbers.
4) Each email account can have several Photo Password combinations, each with their own set of permissions.

For example, one user could upload a picture of her trip through Cathedral Grove in British Columbia. To the world, it looks like a lady standing in any forest. She, however, will never forget it is Cathedral Grove where she held a baby hummingbird. Her gesture could be to click on the hand because she held the bird and her password could be "morning surprise" (her name for the bird). Who could possibly figure this out, and how could the user ever forget one of her most memorable vacation experiences.

Besides Photo Password, "The Fortress" uses another advanced security system called CORA to protect the user’s data. Should a hacker compromise a server, CORA ensures that the stolen data is useless! Read more about CORA at

Photo Passwords can be readily applied to any website or online application. looks forward to forming strategic partnerships in all industries including:

  • Banking – enhanced security and the ability to create multiple profiles, each having varying permissions, top permissions providing access to all accounts and functions. When travelling, use a lower permission sign in that provides limited access to a petty cash account; should the computer terminal used on the road be compromised, the damage is limited and manageable.
  • Business & Corporate – employees have secure access to files, reports and teams while having the ability to create multiple profiles.
  • Websites– don’t force end users to memorize cryptic passwords, allow them to use photos they remember, and gestures and/or passwords that having meaning to them in the context of a particular picture.

The Fortress is available in a Free version and a paid subscription version. The subscription version allows for a greater number of profiles and the opportunity to save data remotely on multiple servers. The free version requires that the end user save data (using CORA) locally on their computer or USB device.

Visit and get your free Fortress today.

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