Bed Bugs Plagues Detroit Buses, Green Bean Buddy Suggests Use of Bed Bug Bully to Keep the Pests Away From Houses

Bed bugs were found in Detroit buses. GreenBeanBuddy advised residents to implement bed bug preventive steps and prepare a non-toxic bed bug spray to keep the pests away.

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) July 05, 2012

Bed bugs now infest even public transport vehicles. According to a report from, the vampire-like pests were widespread on Detroit buses. And considering the high possibility of them reaching residences, Optimal Chemical advised homeowners to prepare a non-toxic bed bug spray to keep the pests away.

Based on the report, and as shared by The Detroit News, there are about 50 drivers who said there were bed bugs on the buses. It was added that a number of them even complained of being bitten. So to resolve the problem, the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 26 reportedly sought the help of lawmakers to get the Detroit Department of Transportation into action.

The union's president, Henry Gaffney, said to have sent a letter to the department about the bed bug widespread. In response, DDOT chief executive Ron Freeland asked for an investigation about it, the report detailed. It added that a letter was also sent back to union informing them that any infected bus would be fumigated.

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“Bed bugs are sneaky hitchhikers – and not just in furniture or clothes. They are very good at taking unnoticeable ride even on public transport. And that fact is currently giving Detroit a headache as the pests are now plaguing their buses.

Some 50 drivers of the Detroit Department of Transportation said that the blood-sucking pests were now widespread on buses. A number of them even complained of being bitten by the insects. So to help stop the small but terrible pests from wrecking havoc to more bus drivers and passengers, a local union asked for DDOT's help.”

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According to green cleaning and news website GreenBeanBuddy, the presence of bed bugs in Detroit buses proves that the pests can infest any place. And as it said, anyone's house could be the next destination of the said pests. And so it advised homeowners to take preventive steps and to prepare a bed bug spray.

However, the website said that one's bed bug spray must be safe apart from effective. And as it detailed, Bed Bug Bully is exactly that kind of bed bug spray – effective yet free of harsh chemical ingredients. It is a pesticide-exempt bed bug help.

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