It Will Be a Heroes’ Welcome at the Sheraton Atlantic City July 10 as Two Death-Defying Doggies Heel to the Altar and Pledge Their Mutual Devotion to a Gas Chamber-Free Eternity

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Just days before her highly anticipated return visit to the Hinesville, Georgia, animal shelter that almost killed her in 2006, canine heroine “Amazing Grace” will head to the altar with another four-legged hero named Daniel, a beagle who also escaped an Alabama gas chamber in October2011. Animal Aid USA, under the direction of founders Prince Lorenzo Borghese and Karen Talbot is hosting the nuptials, with rescue dog-turned-YouTube-phenom Clark (“The maple kind, yeah?”) G. standing in as “best man,” and Clark’s sister Layla, also a rescue dog, as “maid of honor.”

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This is the heart of what we’re trying to accomplish with the ‘Amazing Grace Caravan.'

Animal Aid USA and the Sheraton Atlantic City invites the public to join four heroic rescue dogs at the Sheraton’s Convention Center Hotel July 10 to celebrate the wedding event of the summer. Bride “Amazing Grace,” a gentle mixed breed pooch who made national news in 2006 after surviving a horrendous near death in a Hinesville, Georgia animal control facility’s gas chamber, will “wed” groom Daniel, a beagle mix out of Alabama who managed to escape the same fate in October, 2011.

Both pooches have served as tail-wagging, face-licking, human-cuddling advocates for banning the gas chamber as an animal euthanasia device, still used in 31 states. Tuesday’s nuptials and reception are being held to honor Grace, and in doing so focus attention on the tens of thousands of homeless and abandoned pets she represents. Hosted by Animal Aid USA founders Prince Lorenzo Borghese and Karen Talbot, Cesar’s Way Magazine and the Royal Pet Club and Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa, the evening’s matrimony will include rescue dog-turned-YouTube-phenom Clark (“The maple kind, yeah?”) G. standing in as “best man,” and Clark G.'s sister Layla, also a rescue dog, as “maid of honor.”

Both canine couples will be dressed in couture wedding attire from Manhattan-based Hec-lin Designs for Dogs. Doggie Fashion Designer Roberto Negrin, known for his elegant gowns and distinctive attire scaled to fit the four-legged set, has created award-winning ensembles for some of Manhattan’s most fashion-forward pups. His Hec-lin Designs line is a favorite among New York City dog owners, as well as an enthusiastic press who are happy to cover Negrin’s high fashion pooch events.

The event is being hosted by the Animal Aid USA organization, founded by Prince Lorenzo Borghese and Karen Talbot, who also founded the Making of Miracle Stories (M.O.M.S) rescue, to raise awareness of the cruelty of death by gas chamber. The public is invited and everyone is encouraged to bring their dogs along, as hors d'oeuvres for pooches and people will be served.

Grace will arrive at the Sheraton Atlantic City at 6:45 p.m., where she will be greeted with a red carpet welcome. Her arrival will be followed by a meet-and-greet and photo ops with all four dogs. Borghese and Talbot are hoping to collect plenty of signatures on a petition addressed to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, condemning the use of gas chambers for euthanizing homeless and abandoned animals in 31 states. All animal lovers and their dogs are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

“This is the heart of what we’re trying to accomplish with the ‘Amazing Grace Caravan,’” Borghese says. “We’re leaving on Thursday (July 12), and making our presence known across six states to raise awareness of the cruelty that death by gas chamber inflicts on these innocent animals.”

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Amazing Grace Caravan as well, which leaves from Folsom, New Jersey and travels through Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina before arriving in Liberty County, Georgia. Grace will be met by Liberty County Animal Control Officer Linda Cordry who discovered Grace still breathing after enduring a cycle in the Liberty County facility’s gas chamber, which killed the six other dogs that went in with her.

Borghese will be driving the Amazing Grace Caravan bus, accompanied by Talbot, Grace, Grace’s owner Phil Draughon and Davis Cosey, a member of the Georgia Department of Agriculture‘s Companion Animal Advisory Board and an animal rights crusader who was instrumental in the December, 2010 passage of Grace’s Law in the Georgia General Assembly. Grace’s Law bans the use of gas chambers to euthanize animals in Georgia shelters. To add emphasis to the caravan’s public service message, Cosey has donated an actual gas chamber like the one Grace was subjected to, and like those still in use in 31 states. Daily stops are scheduled to raise awareness for animal advocacy, spay and neuter programs, and animal adoption as well.

Members of the public who wish to join the wedding and reception festivities at the Sheraton Atlantic City should RSVP by July 6 at 908.892.7317. Guests should arrive no later than 6:30; Grace will make her grand entrance at 6:45. The evening’s events schedule is:

6:45-7:00: Meet and greet (time for pictures);

7:00-7:15: Wedding of Grace and Daniel performed by Doggie Minister Eli the Chihuahua. Featuring Best Man, Clark G and Maid of Honor, Layla.

7:15-7:30: Unveiling of the “Amazing Grace” Caravan bus;

7:30-7:45: Candlelight vigil, with music to include: “Amazing Grace,” “Take Me Home,” and “That’s the Thing.”

7:45-8:30: Party time, with people and puppy snacks.

American Humane Association President and CEO Robin Ganzert, Ph.D. will make an appearance in support of the caravan and its lifesaving mission. To make a donation, please go to the Animal Aid “Paint That Bus” web page. To find out more about Grace’s amazing story and how Animal Aid USA is working to make the planet safer for all animals, visit


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