Low-Hanging Fruit: Easy Ways to Help Improve Business

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Dom Goucher and Pete Williams have a lot to say about how to improve the success of a business in the latest episode of PreneurCast: Low-Hanging Fruit.

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Pete Williams talks about low-hanging marketing in the latest episode of PreneurCast

“The best ROI for attracting new leads to your business is getting in front of people who have their wallets half-open, trying to find a solution for a problem they’ve already identified. That’s what you should be doing with your marketing...

What many business owners fail to realise is that it is not compulsory for their business to market itself through an online presence. Certain businesses still make a majority of their profits through tried and true methods of advertising, including advertising in the Yellow Pages. For others, advertising online is the only way to truly be noticed. Williams is keen to point out the importance of Google AdWords in attracting new clients.

“The best ROI for attracting new leads to your business is getting in front of people who have their wallets half-open, trying to find a solution for a problem they’ve already identified. That’s what you should be doing with your marketing,” he says. “AdWords is predominantly the place people go these days when they’re looking for a solution.”

Williams says that no matter what type of business an owner happens to be in—even if they do not particularly want to have an online presence—they should experiment with AdWords, even if just to see if it is a relevant and profitable way to attract new traffic. It is necessary, however, for business owners to maximise their advertising potential by inputting their physical address and linking that address to a Google Maps account, Williams states. This enables businesses to attract more local customers to their specific niche. Goucher is keen to remind business owners that they only have to pay for AdWords if someone clicks on their advertisement—otherwise, advertising is completely free. AdWords is purely a response-based technology, meaning that all business owners have to pay for are results.

Google Maps is also another type of technology businesses can use to take control of their local market. Mobile devices are growing increasingly popular amongst consumers who are always looking for immediate solutions to their problems. Google Maps provides businesses with the ability to be accessible to prospective clients. In order to take full advantage of this type of “low-hanging fruit,” Williams advises businesses to upload videos, images, keywords, and other types of content in order to attract customers.

Another market-worthy Google tool is Google's remarketing lists. As explained by Williams, the remarketing function tags visitors that come to a business's site. Once tagged, Google will create banner advertisements across the web that will present themselves to these previous visitors. Remarketing is a great way for a business to get repeat publicity.

But business owners might not even have to go that far. Techniques that are at the bottom of the Preneur Hierarchy for the less technologically-savvy include email signatures. Emails pass from hand to hand day after day and may bring in additional revenue streams. A business's email signature should speak to their specialty.

Every business should have a firm grasp on the marketing tools at their fingertips, and sometimes the oldest and simplest tools are the best. “The tools that we have and have had for years are incredibly powerful, and there’s so many features that we don’t use in them,” Goucher says. Customer loyalty cards—where customers receive a reward after spending a certain amount of money—are also a wonderful way to compile a list of names and addresses.

Businesses looking to succeed and increase their market share should use every possible avenue—no matter how insignificant it may seem—to attract new customers and retain customer loyalty. Low-hanging fruit is always well within reach.

To listen to the entire episode, visit: http://www.preneurmedia.tv/preneurcast/preneurcast056-low-hanging-fruit/.

PreneurCast is one of iTunes' hottest marketing podcasts created by entrepreneur and marketer Pete Williams and digital media producer Dom Goucher. It’s where they discuss entrepreneurship, business, internet marketing and productivity (with a fair smattering of software and gadgets too).

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