NEWSMAX Story Illuminating “The Greatest Story Not Yet Told” About America’s Greatest Hero Triggers Viral Campaign Spreading Heroic Story Around the World

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A massive viral social media campaign has been unleashed by the NEWSMAX story illuminating “The Greatest Story Not Yet Told” about America’s greatest hero, Merian C. Cooper, legendary Hollywood Producer and founder of famed Kosciuszko Squadron

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“We are appealing to all patriotic Americans to take part in this massive viral social media campaign to illuminate this heroic story to the world”,

According to The Foundation to Illuminate America’s Heroes , a feature story in NEWSMAX illuminating the heretofore hidden story of legendary Hollywood producer and hero, Merian C. Cooper and the famed Kosciuszko Squadron , has “gone viral” and a massive social media campaign to tell this story to the world is underway.

The Foundation plans to illuminate this inspiring story with a Hollywood feature film, the first to be initially financed by donations to a tax exempt foundation.

The link to the NEWSMAX article says that the Foundation has named Cooper, “The Greatest American Hero of the 20th Century” and that “Cooper voluntarily and heroically risked his life to repay America’s greatest debt to the foreign heroes who came to America’s aid in our hour of needing during the American Revolutionary War.”

The NEWSMAX article tells of Cooper leading a small group of American aviators, following World War I, to join with the Polish forces when they were invaded by the Bolsheviks in 1919, and organized a fighter squadron named after the Polish officer who came to America during our American Revolution, Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

The Kosciuszko Squadron helped win a decisive battle in Warsaw in 1920, which is called “The Miracle on the Vistula River”, brought an end to the Bolshevik march on Europe.

William Ciosek, a founding board member of the Foundation to Illuminate America’s Heroes, has spent more than 20 years researching the Cooper story. He is the creator and producer of the 10-minute film treatment, entitled: “The Greatest Story Not Yet Told,” and has written the film treatment, entitled: “Honor to You.” Both of these can be clicked and viewed within the foundation’s website:

“We need the active help and support of all patriotic Americans to get this story told; a story to inspire present and future generations — that one person can truly make a difference”, Ciosek said. “I urge all patriotic Americans to visit our website and personally view the video film treatment honoring this great American and to become active members, friends, supporting partners and benefactors of this heroic story and mission.”

Executive director of the Foundation, David Jamison urged everyone to click on the NEWSMAX story and then, “email the link to this story to all your friends, asking them to do the same.”

“The Foundation also has created an Indiegogo Campaign on this great story

“We are appealing to all patriotic Americans to take part in this massive viral social media campaign to illuminate this heroic story to the world”, Jamison said. “If everyone reads this NEWSMAX inspirational story and emails it to all their friends and asks them to do the same, then millions around the world will become aware of this heroic story that has been hidden until now.”

For any questions, or more information, contact David Jamison at davidj(at)illuminateamericasheroes(dot)com or his phone 334-718-9501.


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