Texas' Dr. Dirk Rodriguez Now Performing Diabetes Surgery on Bariatric Patients

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Dr. Dirk Rodriguez, a Board-Certified bariatric surgeon practicing in Dallas, Texas, is now advising patients with Type 2 Diabetes to consider weight loss surgery, as it is the most effective treatment known today to reverse the disease. Earlier this year, multiple studies were released demonstrating the overwhelming effectiveness bariatric surgery has on curing Type 2 Diabetes when compared to the insignificant outcomes of medicinal treatment.

Dallas bariatric surgeon Dr. Dirk Rodriguez meets and sees hundreds of morbidly obese patients each month, many of which are suffering from type 2 diabetes as a result of their weight. Many patients, he says, are seeking a final resolution to their weight issues and weight loss surgery, or diabetes surgery, is often their last resort.

This type of weight loss surgery has been coined the term “diabetes surgery” because no other surgical procedure has proven to be so effective in curing the disease and its debilitating side effects. This was supported earlier this year when two studies which compared weight loss surgery to medical weight loss conclusively showed that weight loss surgery was more effective in curing type 2 diabetes than anything else.

The physiological changes that occur during gastric bypass and gastric sleeve weight loss surgeries allow the body’s pancreas to excrete more insulin and balance out blood sugar levels, therefore curing the root cause of diabetes and allows bariatric patients to stop receiving treatment for diabetes.

During a gastric bypass procedure, the bariatric surgeon separates the stomach into two pouches. The smaller pouch is connected to the food pipe and the small intestine for digestion purposes. By decreasing the size of the stomach, the bariatric surgeon decrease the patient’s daily food intake need by one sitting, therefore decreasing their caloric intake. With effective dieting and a proper exercise regiment, patients may lose up to 60-70% of their excess body weight.

Gastric sleeve surgery works similarly to gastric bypass in that the stomach size is reduced 2/3-3/4 of its original. By shrinking the size of the stomach, gastric sleeve patients feel fuller quicker, helping aid weight loss. The portion of the stomach that is removed controls ghrelin, the hunger-promoting hormone. This reduces the patient’s appetite as well as changing the brain’s perception of food. The operation takes place at a hospital and requires a short stay; however, most patients are back to regular activities within a few days.

According to Dr. Dirk, “The findings of bariatric surgery’s effect on diabetes and the patients it haunts are reassuring. Weight loss surgery already does so much for its patients, seeing scientific evidence that it is the most effective type 2 diabetes treatment out there today will have a great impact, even beyond the weight loss."

Patients suffering from the effects of type 2 diabetes should conduct thorough research when considering their surgical options. For more information, visit Dr. Dirk Rodriguez’s diabetes surgery, or call (214)-DRDIRK1.

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