Advanced e-Discovery Provider e-Logic Group Tranforms and Takes Real Estate Securitization Audit and Forensic Audit Analysis to the Next and Right Level

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Securitization audit reports should contain 100% factual information an attorney can use. The analysis should be provided by someone who has the qualifications, background and experience to render a qualified opinion. Instead, securitization audit reports are filled with all kinds of fluff about MERS and inaccurate legal conclusions by companies and people who could never meet the "expert witness" muster.

Secutization Audit & Forensic Audit Analysis

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Now that you've found the critical information what do you do with it? Attorneys want to know the above lender/creditor issues coincides with violations of Mortgage Fraud and Consumer Protection and Deceptive Practices Acts.

As more companies offer Bloomberg Terminal Training to sprouting audit report companies, miss the requirement and necessity of a qualified report and as a result, purchasers of a securitization audit report spend thousands on worthless paper. "e-Logic's sister company Anthony Martinez & Associates("AMA") has provided Legal Process Outsourcing ("LPO") Services in loan level litigation since 2008 and we've been identifying fraud-securitization in draft pleadings and memorandums for attorneys since then" says Anthony Martinez, President and Chief Executive Officer of e-Logic Group, Inc.

Mr. Martinez has provided advanced discovery services and consulting for over 16 years. As a Discovery Expert, Consultant and Strategist, Mr. Martinez is fluent in finding the "smoking gun". "Move past simple certification in a research tool like Bloomberg where you pay a couple of thousand a month for terminal access to find the trust information. You have these securitization reports stating information too loosely like lender, originator, sponsor, depositor, issuing entity, underwriter etc. without fully analyzing each of their roles. Did the securitization documents exist before the subject loan was consummated? If so, did the Sponsor provide a warehouse line of credit to the originating parties and if so, did the funds transfer to the Originator directly from the Sponsor or did the funds transfer directly from the funding source to the Seller? These are all important questions when the loan docs identify a lender who never lent anything and the real Lender/Creditor remained undisclosed. This is discovery at its best. Why would anyone rely on a report that provided anything less? Audit companies provide an injustice when they provide a report with charts and graphs that say a loan was in the trust and ABC Mortgage Company was the lender without knowing for certain the lender actually lent the money."

Moving past the days of traditional discovery wherein war rooms were created by law firms and filled with temp attorneys to shift through boxes and boxes of documents to determine responsive versus non-responsive documents, e-Logic Group has incorporated e-discovery platform automated analytics into its securitization analysis to find critical information within SEC filed documents coupled with "tagging and flagging", a term commonly used when important and critical information is found. "Now that you've found the critical information what do you do with it? Attorneys want to know the above lender/creditor issues coincides with violations of Mortgage Fraud and Consumer Protection and Deceptive Practices Acts. They want insight into relevant cases specific to their state and federal district courts" says Martinez. Securitization reports commonly contain fluff about MERS and inaccurate legal conclusions instead of 100% factual information an attorney can use. Those who provide the report normally do not provide a Curriculum Vitae ("CV") showing their qualifications, background and experience that qualifies their opinion. Most would not fit the expert witness criteria leaving most securitization reports useless.

Well past the days of foreclosure defense, Mr. Martinez now brings his extensive knowledge and experience as a Discovery Expert, Consultant and Strategist to the Webinar and Seminar Circuit to pass on critical information to attorneys across the United States. "If I wanted to stop a Warlord from genocide in Africa and confronted him by myself he'd kill me and would most certainly make an example out of me. But, if I went over there with an army of 200,000 soldiers I'm sure the outcome would be different. I know that may seem a bit extreme but so is children losing their bedrooms and the safe sense of security they gain growing up in a home. Neither the fraudclosers nor the courts recognize the damage done to a child who loses their sense of security when they lose their home. All attorneys and their clients want is judgment on the merits. There are over 90,000 licensed attorney's in the state of Florida alone. I'm confident I have a knowledge base that can effect change, will provide attorney's with a successful tool box that not only uses e-Logic's Advanced Securitization Audit and Forensic Audit Analysis' but also provides a way to level the playing field to make it business smart for them to engage."

To learn more about e-Logic download their most current White Paper here.

About e-Logic Group, Inc. - e-Logic is one of the most advanced e-Discovery Providers in the industry today that uses state of the art technology that incorporates intelligent algorithms and analytics to automate information processing. e-Logic is now a provider of high end Advanced Securitization Audit and Forensic Audit Analysis Reports for attorneys engaged in loan level litigation involving fraud.

About Anthony Martinez - Mr. Martinez is a top Discovery Expert, Consultant and Strategist in the industry today with over 16 years of experience in complex litigation discovery and e-discovery matters. A veteran of the gulf war, Mr. Martinez is currently the President and CEO of e-Logic Group, Inc., Executive Director of Anthony Martinez & Associates, a leading LPO Service Provider and is the Author of Discovery Tactics, a leading Weblog that discusses real property litigation matters, case law and other topics.

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