TOSCA 7.5 Delivers a Fully Automated Data Pool for Software Testing

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Test Data Issues No Longer Delay Testing

TOSCA is ideal for the enterprise executive working in a highly regulated environment who wants to sleep well at night. TOSCA Testsuite assures the optimized level of test coverage for business process testing and regulatory compliance.

TRICENTIS®, a global leader in software test automation and quality assurance announces a major new release of its award-winning test management solution, TOSCA Testsuite™. Release 7.5 offers significant new features designed to save time and increase software testing efficiency and effectiveness. With over 15 years of experience, TRICENTIS has overcome many software testing roadblocks in achieving time-to-market goals. One of the key challenges of software test automation has been not having access to the right data at the right time to conduct the software test run, especially in an agile development environment. With release 7.5, TOSCA Testsuite has resolved the test data challenge.

The agile development process moves forward in short sprints, which requires more frequent testing. In order to maximize the value of the agile process, testing must be integrated into development activities from the beginning of the project. Agile generally emphasizes “emergent design” and makes use of a series of iterations that deliver completed features at the end of each iteration. Software developers and testers often run out of sufficient test input data during the QA testing process. In version 7.5, TOSCA Testsuite delivers the ability to develop and maintain the required test data directly in TOSCA. There it can be used, altered, or replicated at any time and can be automatically brought into the test run to reduce workloads and total testing time. Only with this level of test data control can projects achieve high degrees of test automation while serving business users with the appropriate test data basis for their remaining test activities. While the solution applies to all software testing, SAP key users will especially benefit from this service.

“Development organizations are under pressure to deliver high quality software to increasingly more complex environments and in shorter time periods to meet competitive pressures,” states Thomas Murphy, research director for Gartner. He further states that “two key challenges are: being able to engage in testing as soon as possible and having accurate test data to ensure quality objectives have been met.”

The TOSCA model-based approach marks a paradigm shift in automated testing, empowering non-technical users to quickly create automated business test cases in plain English and configure them for multiple operating systems, browsers, and mobile/smart devices. Unlike other testing systems, TOSCA Testsuite delivers a single solution for manual, automated GUI and non-GUI test cases. TOSCA OneView enables you to design test cases once and leverage them across multiple technologies, browsers, and platforms such as JAVA, .NET, SAP, mobile/smart devices, and others.

According to Franz Fuchsberger, CEO of TRICENTIS, “Government regulations require software testing and reporting to comply with Sarbanes Oxley, EuroSOX, J-SOX, Basel III, Solvency II, and other regulations. TOSCA 7.5 makes it even easier to manage and monitor the progress and results of software testing. Color coded trend charts visually represent risk coverage, the percent of successful and failed test executions, and improvements over time. Now, management instantly knows the status of their software test coverage. In this way, TOSCA is ideal for the enterprise executive working in a highly regulated environment who wants to sleep well at night. TOSCA Testsuite assures the optimized level of test coverage for business process testing and regulatory compliance.”

As a core component of TOSCA Testsuite, TOSCA@data eliminates the concern over having an insufficient test data pool. It provides the right synthetic test data so that testers no longer need to anonymize the information (such as bank account number, name, address, etc.) or worry about corrupt, missing, or insufficient test data. TOSCA can automatically generate the perfect test data that is implicitly referenced by the given test cases. As a result, TOSCA@data is used for automated test case portfolios as well as for the automated generation of test data for manual User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Wolfgang Platz, founder and CEO of TRICENTIS, explains the value of the new functionality: “TOSCA@data extends TOSCA’s market leading, model-based approach to software testing by tying together synthetic data, for both input and for the required data in the application under test, with the test cases. This allows the traceability from requirements to test data. This is important in order to know the precise coverage of the overall testing efforts. Testing professionals across the board, including SAP key users, never need to run out of the right test data which give TOSCA customers and IT outsourcers a huge advantage. This will save our customers a significant amount of time and expense. Quality assurance and testing professionals are able to consistently deliver a higher degree of test coverage with more thorough and rigorous testing.”

TOSCA 7.5 enables testers to design their own objects, state the attributes, and define the relationships between objects. Other benefits regarding synthetic test data objects generated by TOSCA include:

  • representation from a business perspective regardless of their technical appearance. Business analysts can easily understand and utilize the data
  • automatic acquisition of the exact state needed to test specific business logic. It is no longer time-consuming to have to dig around in production data searching for these states
  • the generation of any volume needed in any test system

Finally, data consumption by test can easily be simulated – ensuring that testers and business analysts never run out of test data.

ERP customers running SAP can quickly take advantage of TOSCA 7.5 for rapid and efficient test automation. TOSCA is fully certified to integrate with the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform, communicates directly with SAP’s interfaces (IDocs, WebServices), and controls costs for SAP’s large test volumes. Further, tests are not limited to the SAP system but can easily be extended into other systems and technologies. TOSCA Testsuite provides a one-stop solution for SAP test management. With TOSCA@data, professional testers, software developers, SAP key users and business analysts no longer need to worry about running out of test data and always have the perfect test data basis in place.

TOSCA 7.5 is available immediately. Get a free demo or 30 day trial.

Since 1997, TRICENTIS has offered cross-industry expertise in all aspects of software testing and software quality assurance. With TOSCA Testsuite, TRICENTIS has developed an innovative and technically superior solution for software testing, test automation, and risk assessment. Over 300 customers worldwide rely on the expertise of our consultants and the performance of TOSCA Testsuite. TOSCA is ideal for industries with workflow business processes, many operating engines, browsers, and mobile/smart devices. Industries that require the high quality software testing delivered by TOSCA Testsuite include banking, insurance, financial services, high tech, telecom, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, utilities, public sector, among others.

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For more information on TOSCA@data and TOSCA@SAP and model-based test automation download our data sheets/white papers.

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