Synergy Resources Renews Its Website and Branding

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Synergy Resources, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Service and Software provider to manufacturing companies, announces the launch of a new website, branding, logo and market messaging.

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Synergy Resources

The message is simple: ERP software is an effective tool that can build a great business.

Synergy Resources, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Service and Software provider to manufacturing companies, announces the launch of a new website, branding, logo and market messaging.

The new website is at The site was built with the Drupal content management system (more information on Drupal: The website features:

    Updated information about coming ERP events
    News on the work that Synergy Resources does
    Blog posts about the state of ERP and the work done by Synergy Resources
    Technical information about our products
    Detailed information on the value proposition offered by Synergy products and services.

“Our previous website and marketing approach was focused specifically on ERP software. ERP is a powerful tool, but most ERP implementations don’t realize the benefits that were promised or envisioned when the company first purchased the software. There needed to be a new focus on making sure that the business was going to improve, and that message needed to get out,” says Gene Caiola, a Partner and Director of Services at Synergy.

Reacting to reports such as that from the WSJ that states 73% of manufacturing companies are not happy with their ERP system, Synergy started months ago by taking a hard look at the way software is typically implemented. Software companies are interested in selling software, there is little follow-up in terms of how much performance improvement the software implementation actually delivered to the business.

“Most companies consider just “going-live” with the new ERP system a successful implementation project,” says Mark Lilly, Partner and Director of Sales and Marketing at Synergy. “But the implementation needs to be planned and executed as a business performance improvement project in order to really drive sustainable gains in a company’s metrics. For us, it’s the difference between a good customer reference, and a great customer reference. Nothing sells more software and services for us than a customer that has seen deep returns on their investment.”

How did Synergy create such an amazing branding package and website with the right content and messaging in such little time? “Focus and energy”, says Anthony Pratico, Synergy’s Creative Director. Synergy partnered with the Canadian web development company, Those DeWolfes Creative ( to build the site infrastructure and information logic. From Pratico: “I brought the artistic touch to deliver the look, feel, and pop of emotion to match Synergy’s exciting message of business improvement. It’s rare when you find a team with this solid of a foundation that provided instant inspiration for creative materials. Together with the Synergy team, we were able to roll out a new site that illustrates and represents exactly who we are. The message is simple: ERP software is an effective tool that can build a great business, but you need a solid plan, and a great architect. Synergy embodies that part, Synergy is the architect.”

The branding and logo speak volumes to Synergy’s core competencies: “Elevating Operating Excellence” and “Driving Industry Forward” both describe the look and feel of the new logo and messaging.

“It’s what we do”, says Mike Canty, Director of Strategic Business Services, a newly created division within Synergy that focuses of the strategic direction of a company independent of any ERP software tools it may be using. “A great ERP implementation starts with understanding the Goals and Objectives of the company, and the strategy that will be used to achieve them. Most companies implementing ERP do not have a Strategic Plan. That should drive the operational plan, which will then in turn dictate how the ERP software should be implemented and used on a day-to-day basis by each department, working synergistically (pun intended) with the rest of the organization toward achieving the Goals, objectives, and vision of the company as a whole.”

Synergy Resources is helping drive industry forward.

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About Synergy Resources
Synergy Resources provides ERP software and consulting services to business. Synergy Resources improves their processes and their bottom line through resource planning applications. Our software implementations allow for the biggest improvement in performance through the identification and elimination of internal conflict and waste between business processes.

About Strategic Business Service (SBS):
We put the existing business strategy in line with the existing business processes of clients. Companies undergo improvement initiatives to gain goals, objectives and measurements. When the operational plan and tactics are “Synergized” and in concert. thereby resolving conflict and eliminating waste to realized untapped potential.

About ERP
ERP software can energize a business, streamline operations, improve product manufacturing and reduce waste. ERP systems integrate internal and external information management, including financing, manufacturing progress, customer relationship management (CRM) and other elements that are critical to getting and retaining a leadership position in the marketplace. ERP facilitates the flow of information between management and manufacturing. It allows decision makers, stakeholders and external suppliers to take the pulse of the business and allows all parties to understand and steer their processes through this improved understanding.

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