MiniVAP Vaporizer Offers New Guaranteed Purity Policy

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MiniVAP is the first vaporizer in the industry to adopt a Guaranteed Purity Policy, meaning that it uses only pure materials and tested construction so that we can guarantee that miniVAP has a clean air pathway and delivers pure vapor.

MiniVAP,, is the first vaporizer in the industry to adopt a Guaranteed Purity Policy. Guaranteed Purity means that the miniVAP uses only pure materials and tested construction so that we can guarantee that the miniVAP has a clean air pathway and delivers pure, unadulterated vapor.

The entire point of vaporization is to deliver better purity. Combustion of plant material produces hundreds of additional chemicals as well as tar, whereas vaporization has little or no tar and much more purity.

However, if a vaporization device does not use high grade materials and a tested process, then there is no way of knowing whether or not the air pathway is really delivering a more healthy and pure vapor. Unless a company takes the care to choose only pure materials as well as doing the testing and trials necessary, how is it possible to know whether the device really has a clean air pathway and delivers pure vapor?

With the guaranteed purity policy its assured that due diligence is done in choosing clean materials as well as using a though tested process.

The fact is that unless it's done right, a substandard can deliver byproducts due to materials or an inferior process. And now with hundreds of cheap imported products, it is easy to find a vaporizer for under 25 dollars on eBay that claims to be better for the consumer versus smoking. The fact is that even with a vaporizer designed for the consumer market, cleanliness of the air pathway and purity of the vapor is paramount.

Yet, few portable vaporizer manufacturers really take the due diligence and time to verify the process. This defeats the entire point using a vaporizer. Consumers want a vaporizer that guarantees purity.

The miniVAP is expensive, but it works better and it's guaranteed that the miniVAP uses clean materials and uses a tested process. In fact, the miniVAP is one of the only consumer vaporizers that has patented technology throughout the device. Not even the VapeXhale Cloud or the Arizer Solo have the same type of safeguards offered by the miniVAP portable vaporizer.

MiniVAP has patents granted, not patents pending. Very few vaporizers are patented, tested, and assembled with high grade and clean components. Using the very best materials, the cost becomes very high, but it is also much easier to give the assurance of purity with miniVAP because the miniVAP uses the highest grade materials.

When it comes to vaporization, the best materials make a difference. Many people do not realize that substances such as wood or even glass may not deliver the highest level of purity. MiniVAP does not use glass. It does not use wood. It does not use butane, or anything else that can disturb the purity of the vapor.

The MiniVAP is the only vaporizer that guarantees purity because miniVAP is one of the only vaporizers that is made with proven materials and principals that are verifiable and can be guaranteed. With other vaporizers, there is just no way to know about the quality (and the same is true of the manufacturer)

For want the very best on the market, and the one with guaranteed purity, call 1-800-659-8731 or visit and check out miniVAP today.

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