Mars and Venus Meets Fifty Shades In Revealing New Tell-All

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Why She Won't Sleep With You Anymore* moves 'mommy porn' into real beds.

How can men convince their women to drop their Kindles and get back to 'reality sex'?

Millions of wives and longtime girlfriends around the world are hungrily devouring “mommy porn”—and yet an ongoing poll about no- or low-sex relationships reveals that they are at an all-time high of 88 percent.

But if women are massively into Fifty Shades sexual fantasy, why are their husbands and boyfriends still so deprived? How can men convince their women to drop their Kindles and get back to “reality sex”?

In the new secret weapon for guys, Why She Won’t Sleep With You Anymore* *and how you can change that—fast! (166 pp., tpb, $14.95), author Stephany Ekman takes on that challenge and delivers the back-to-bed guide for men continually thwarted by their “non-participating” female partners. Filled with eye-opening revelations, the content is fast, funny and often irreverent. It’s also peppered with eerily resonating pull-quotes (“If you clean the kitchen to make her happy, do you honestly think that’s the thing that will make her want to sleep with you again?”), plus clever tips and instantly deployable tick lists.

Most strikingly, Why She Won’t is not another self-help offering for men written by a man attempting to decipher the inner workings of the female libido; it was written by a woman intimately familiar with the territory.

In the guide, the author fully explores the female detonators of sexual love and fantasy, and offers practical solutions for everything from “How To End Your Sexual Stalemate” and “How To Stop Asking Her for Sex—and Get It Without Ever Asking Again,” to “How to Decode Her Sexual Fantasies Through Her Everyday Behavior—and Then Ignite Them.”

Ekman, a veteran interviewer and how-to writer, pursued her subject matter in conversations with women of varying ages and demographic backgrounds over a number of years. In the resulting handbook, she approaches her subject matter in a crisply organized yet decidedly nonclinical manner.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the dance of the sexes,” she says, “and particularly intrigued by couples who say they love each other yet can’t seem to work their way back to one another in bed.” What Ekman has come up with in Why She Won’t is a series of “ah hah” moments followed by clear-cut strategies that work astoundingly well.

Will women resent the fact that Ekman has at long last delivered the Holy Grail to their sex-deprived men? It doesn’t seem so: Why She Won’t is already attracting love-starved women who claim they are sexually misunderstood and can’t wait to give the book to their fellas.

Why She Won’t has just debuted in print on; Kindle version comes out next week. The book is also offered for sale on the author’s blog at

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Why She Won’t Sleep With You Anymore*
*and how you can change that—fast!
ISBN-13: 978-0615646053
ISBN-10: 0615646050

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