Pest Barrier Introduces Rat-Out Gel in 1 oz. Tubes

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Pest Barrier by Bird Barrier America, Inc. introduced Rat-Out Gel two years ago in a 10 oz. size. Pest Barrier is pleased to now offer this effective, green rodent repellent in a smaller size. The ingredients for this non-toxic, clear gel include garlic oil and white pepper.

Rat-Out Gel is applied in small dabs at entry points and other pathways used by rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons and other mammals. These pests are generally repelled by the garlic smell; but if they touch the clear gel, the white pepper warms their skin uncomfortably, reinforcing the message to stay away.

Rat-Out Gel is FIFRA 25(b), meaning it is exempt from EPA registration due to its GRAS (generally regarded as safe) ingredients.

For the past two years, pest and wildlife professionals have been using Rat-Out Gel for temporary exclusion in residential and commercial applications. In most cases the product has delivered immediate results. These professionals also use it to corral rats and mice into traps and bait stations. “To me, this product is an instant off switch,” says Jeff McGovern, and pest control consultant. “When I apply Rat-Out Gel in the right places, I get immediate results. More importantly, the building owner gets immediate results. This product should be in every PMPs (pest management professional) vehicle.”

Prior to now, Rat-Out was sold only in 10 oz. caulking tubes that fit into a standard caulking gun. But due to its large size, PMPs didn’t always have it with them when they needed it. And, the 10 oz. tube implied that large beads should be applied, like bird gel. But really, only dabs the size of a quarter are needed.

Rat-Out Gel is now available in a convenient 1 oz. tube that fits into the standard bait guns most PMPs carry, and it comes with a syringe plunger that fits easily in the tubes. The tube features a one-inch nozzle so the Gel can be applied exactly where it’s needed. And, a small cap locks on the nozzle for a no-mess experience.

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