Hydro Grow Seeks to Create a New Image for LED Grow Light Claims

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Leading manufacturer of LED Grow Lights, Hydro Grow, releases new PAR output data showing that their new X2 lens technology has created the most powerful grow lights on earth.

LED Grow Lights are quickly rising in popularity, with higher quality models offered in 2012 compared to the poor-performing models produced only 3-5 years ago. According to Hydro Grow however, there is still a lot of confusion with consumers due to conflicting claims being thrown around by various suppliers of LED Grow Lights.

Cammie Mckenzie, the CEO of Hydro Grow has recently taken a proactive approach towards proving the claims made about their products, by comparing their lights to HID Grow Lights in Hydro Grow's independently operated light laboratory. "We get requests from customers all the time asking us 'How do your lights compare with HID,' as they've been using this technology for over 40 years indoors. The truth is that Hydro Grow lights are in a class all their own," Mckenzie stated.

According to Mckenzie, the new X2 lens technology developed by and manufactured exclusively for Hydro Grow delivers the highest penetration and coverage per watt of any horticultural grow light. She claims the new X2 LED Grow Lights are the most powerful horticultural grow light in the world, and she's got the data to back it up.

"The way to test penetration is to measure light intensity after it has traveled a distance from its source," stated Mckenzie. "To do this we hire independent contractors to test each light at 12" intervals from the fixture, which determines not only the output at that level but the penetration capabilities of each light. The best distance for judging penetration is the furthest distance on any graph, which is 48" in this instance." According to Mckenzie penetration is the most important factor of a grow light for commercial greenhouse farmers, as they use the light up to 10' above plants.

When tested over the same 3' x 3' area with the same Li-Cor 250A quantum light meter, the data shows the 189X-PRO (290W LED) from Hydro Grow producing a maximum output value of 460 umol (micromoles) at 48", followed by the 600W HPS at a max value of 324 umol. The testing validates claims made by Hydro Grow in regards to having the highest penetration and most powerful grow lights in the world, as their 189X-PRO produced 1.42X the penetration of the 600W HPS while consuming 56% less power.    

The testing is part of new efforts from Hydro Grow to bring more transparency to the LED Grow Light market with scientific testing and claims based on actual output data. Mckenzie hopes her efforts will encourage other LED Grow Light manufacturers to follow suit and lead the industry towards one with a more positive image.

About Hydro Grow:
Hydro Grow, the leading provider of high-efficiency LED horticultural lighting solutions for commercial growers and agri-businesses, enables horticulturalists to reduce energy consumption over 50% while increasing operational efficiencies, crop yields, and hastening growth cycles. Hydro Grow offers third-party, data-proven solutions for greenhouses, indoor farms, research centers, and Universities, which may be eligible for energy efficiency subsidies from PG&E and other utilities. The company’s 3,000+ commercial and private customers include the USDA, DOE, and multiple Universities. Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Hydro Grow is privately owned and operated. For more information call 1-855-445-3348 or visit hydrogrowled.com.

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