Can Smokers Really Fight Their Nicotine Cravings While Losing Weight? Solar Cigarette Reveals Their Personal Fountain Of Youth For Smokers Worldwide

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Solar Cigarette reveled a new secret weapon to help smokers fight nicotine cravings and help them lose weight with the use of their patent pending vitamin packs. Clients are saying goodbye to the patch and changing their way of smoking and their way of life.

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Get access to your own personal smoking buddy to help you stay committed and offer the VIP service you deserve while making the switch to a better lifestyle.

Smokers are always behind the eight ball when it comes to dropping their smoking habit and beating their nicotine cravings which one can agree that breaking the habit is such a tough task.

Throw in the fear of gaining weight after they quit smoking and this is the main reason why smokers are losing their battle with tobacco cigarettes until now.

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The Solar Cigarette gives smokers who are trying to quit the habit a much needed secret weapon that changed their lives. The company has released their smokeless cigarette which looks, tastes,and feels just like a traditional cigarette but is battery operated. Celebrities are even taking advantage of the benefits the Solar Cigarette has to offer.

"With the amount of people smoking in the world today, even the few people that don’t even smoke cigarettes could be at risk to getting the same deadly health effects that a smoker would which is why there is a new way of smoking that will not pass down second hand smoke to others in the area."
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A representative of states that Clients who are using the Solar Cigarette are now using their vitamin pack refill cartridges. They are basically replacing nicotine filled cartridges with these vitamin packs that will help them lose weight with every puff. The liquid nicotine is replaced with liquid vitamin B, ginseng, and even vitamin Q which the smoker inhales instead of nicotine. Now smokers are fighting both nicotine cravings and losing weight with each puff on the Solar Cigarette.

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