Value Dry says Summer is the Best Season to Waterproof a Basement

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Often times, homeowners don’t consider basement waterproofing until they see their basement has been flooded, usually due to rain in Spring or Autumn. Waterproofing issues tend to build up over years until just one heavy rain can cause severe leaks and damages to a property.

Even though the walls and floor in a basement may look fine, there could be a lot of problems not being seen. Broken or clogged footer drains, improper back-fill surrounding the basement or cracks in the walls; these are all problems that can take their toll if allowed to build up over the years. One strong storm could lead to a buildup of hydrostatic pressure and an unexpected, expensive flood in a home.

Waterproofing contractors are busiest in the Spring and Fall, since this is when the rain causes homeowners to experience flooding. Usually, homeowners don’t fix their foundational problems until they see flooding, which makes the process much more complicated and expensive. The easiest time to stop a flooding problem is before it happens. This is one reason why the Summer and Winter are usually the best times to contact a waterproofing contractor and prepare a home.

The dry conditions of Summer make it much easier to excavate around a home, without getting bogged down by mud and rain. Though the cold temperatures and frozen ground of Winter can make things difficult, most professional basement waterproofing contractors are equipped to thaw the ground before excavation.

But the main benefit of scheduling a basement waterproofing work in the Summer and Winter is how quickly a homeowner can get an appointment. While most homeowners are waiting until the rainy months to schedule service, most can skip the backlog and waiting time by making an appointment in the off-season. Any local waterproofing company will be able to help much more quickly in the drier seasons.

Summer is the ideal season to schedule a waterproofing inspection and get an estimate from a local contractor. It is more likely that they will be available soon to efficiently find out if there are any unseen problems with a home’s exterior. If they find any problems, they can give an estimate of the cost, time commitment and the exact procedure for fixing them before flooding occurs.

To avoid the high cost and stress of fixing a basement after a costly and damaging flood, have a professional waterproofing contractor look over the home before it’s too late.

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