San Diego Fat Loss Expert Shares His Top 3 Tips For Getting Started Using Kettlebells For Fat Loss

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Trying to lose the last 10 stubborn lbs on your body can be challenging. By switching up your routine you can shock your body into losing fat fast. San Diego fat loss expert Cody Bramlett shares with you 3 different tips for beginners to get started using kettlebells for fat loss. is the premiere kettlebell fat loss blog.

San Diego fat loss expert Cody Bramlett shares with you 3 different tips for beginners to get started using kettlebells for fat loss.

You've been trying to lose that last 10lbs of belly fat for a while now but nothing seems to stick. One of the best ways for you to finally get rid of those last few lbs of fat is to change up your workout routine. San Diego fat loss expert Cody Bramlett has helped hundreds of people lose the last 10 lbs using kettlebells for fat loss. A kettlebell which looks like a cannonball with a handle is a new and unique tool that when used properly can help you to get toned and can rev up your metabolism while spending less time working out. According to a study done in February of 2010 done by ACE (American Council On Exercise) researchers concluded that, "kettlebells provide a much higher-intensity workout than standard weight-training routines and offer superior results in a short amount of time." This is why Cody and other fat loss experts are turning to kettlebells for fat loss. Cody, a kettlebell user since 2005 shares with you his top 3 tips for beginners to get started using kettlebells.

First, says Cody "you need to make a decision to give kettlebell training an honest shot for 60 days." Cody uses a 60 day challenge for all clients who are new to kettlebells. Just like other forms of resistance training you can't expect to see dramatic results if you only try it for 2 weeks. 60 days according to Cody is the perfect amount of time to become comfortable using kettlebells and to see significant results, especially when combined with a healthy diet. Cody says, "after 60 days I rarely see anyone going back to their old routine, kettlebells make people feel great and they are really fun to work out with." So if your serious about getting rid of those last 10lbs set yourself up for success by committing to using kettlebells for 60 days.

The second tip Cody shares is that you need to learn how to do kettlebells correctly. The popularity of kettlebell training has been growing dramatically in the last few years and with that growth has come a surge of self proclaimed kettlebell experts. Part of the reason why kettlebell training for fat loss is so effective is that with most kettlebell exercises you will end up using your entire body rather than focusing on exercising one part at at a time. This makes the movements more complex to learn and even more complex to teach. According to Cody, " this isn't a reason to not use kettlebells, but rather a good reason to make sure that you are learning from someone who has a lot of experience training people with kettlebells." Cody suggests that the best way to find out if someone is qualified is to ask to see proof of their clients results. If they can't show you any of their clients results then walk away. Cody says, "You don't need to stay with a trainer that doesn't get you the results you want, don't be afraid to try someone else."

The third tip Cody says you need to follow if you want to lose those last 10 lbs is to focus on working out hard, not long. Cody goes on to explain, "Most of my clients are busy people who want to look great but don't want to spend hours a day in the gym. The great news for them is that with the growing popularity and understanding of high intensity kettlebell training the community of trainers who like to stay on the cutting edge is having their clients focus on working out harder but not longer." Cody goes on to explain how over the last 10 years the most successful trainers have switched form suggesting hour long workout sessions to higher intensity more brief 30 minute workout sessions. "This gets our clients better fat loss results in less time, it's a win win situation", says Cody.

The big takeaways Cody suggests you should focus on to finally beat those last few lbs with kettlebell workouts, are to commit to train with kettlebells for at least 60 days, find an experienced trainer or program that can teach you to use kettlebells properly and focus on shorter higher intensity workouts rather than long drawn out workout routines. "It's hard to believe that sometimes less is more, but I see people get great results all the time by ditching their old routines and instead using kettlebells for fat loss."

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