The Force Can Be With You, Always

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FLN2 Enterprises announces the launch of a new website designed to shed light on the reality of The Force. The same Force which was introduced to us over 20 years ago by the genius of the “Star Wars” films. It is now possible to connect to and harness that energy as easily as a Jedi Knight.

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Helping People Realize Their Dreams

More and more people are struggling to find happiness in this ever stressful world. Most self-improvement programs fall short. Genuine happiness is never quite achieved.
Let the Force be your guide.

“When I first started working with energy I didn't make the connection. Then one day it hit me: I am using the Force, actually using the Force!” says Richard Flinn, President of FLN2 Enterprises. “It was such an epiphany and it made what I was doing so much more satisfying.”

“Just like any Jedi knows, everything in the Universe is made up of energy and the guiding presence behind that energy is the Force,” Mr. Flinn continues, ”Once that is known and truly believed, using the Force is easy.”

The whole premise of the new website,, is to promote the theory that some of Mr. Lucas' creations are more than just fantasy. There really is such a thing as the Force and with the right kind of training and dedicated practice, it can be utilized to make a person's life better and more meaningful.

FLN2 Enterprises has put together a multimedia campaign, called The Zen of the Jedi, designed to help the novice, padawan or apprentice to understand the true meaning of the Force. It delves into the differences between the Dark and Light sides and demystifies the training of the Jedi, while expounding upon the knowledge needed to pass the Jedi Trials.

The campaign is divided into two parts:

The purpose of Quieting the Mind, part one of The Zen of the Jedi, is to answer all the “why's” and “what's” that the mind wants to conjure up when talking about energy use.
Part two, Unleashing the Force, is about the “how”. How to actually connect with the Force, see it, feel it and finally, how to use it.

Both parts are a mix of reading, listening and doing. Reading the text to gain an under-standing of the material in a particular section. Listening to an audio file dedicated to integrating the material into the psyche. Doing what the material teaches in the real world.

“Keep in mind that this is not a religion or a cult,” Richard reminds us, “Nor is it your typical self-help program, it is more of an attempt to help people reconnect with who they truly are and just be happy.”

About FLN2 Enterprises:
FLN2 Enterprises is dedicated to improving the lives of people through the understanding and use of the energetic world around us. Providing people with new and different ways to see themselves and the people around them.

For more information and to obtain The Zen of the Jedi, please visit our website:

Star Wars, and all logos, characters, artwork, stories, information, names, and other elements associated thereto are the sole and exclusive property of Lucasfilm, Inc

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