New Video Shows How Brush Research’s Flexible Honing Tool Simplifies DIY Gun Maintenance & Restoration

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A hand-held flexible hone simplifies gun maintenance, including cleaning and polishing of cylinders, barrels and chambers.

In the past, even serious firearm aficionados have found it almost impossible to achieve the proper cleaning and surface finishing results using the options available to them. These can include steel and bronze wool, wet/dry sandpaper wrapped around a dowel, tornado brushes, bore shine, and other homemade remedies including pouring boiling water and ammonia through the barrel.

However, a newly-produced video demonstrates convincingly how cleaning and restoring gun barrels, cylinders and chambers becomes a simple and inexpensive DIY task, thanks to a hand-held, drill motor-mounted honing tool.

Commonly known as a flexible hone or ball hone, this versatile tool is capable of many types of surface finishing, giving professional results such as deburring, polishing and edge blending.

The video shows how, as an alternative, many professional gun shops and owners have turned to a flexible, drill-mounted specialty hone called the Flex-Hone for Firearms to quickly and easily produce the optimum smooth and polished surface finish in any type or size of firearm chamber, barrel, or forcing cone.

Developed by Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), Los Angeles, CA, the ball-style Flex-Hone looks somewhat like an industrial-strength bottle washer, characterized by small, abrasive globules permanently mounted to flexible nylon filaments. Using a flexible hone is a simple process that basically requires the means to hold a part securely such as a padded vise, the use of a low speed electric hand drill, and some common sense.

This specialty hone used for gun maintenance is a resilient, flexible, honing tool with a soft cutting action. The abrasive globules are bonded to the ends of flexible nylon filaments. Each has independent suspension that assures the Flex-Hone to be self-centering, self-aligning to the bore and self-compensating for wear.

Available in a variety of lengths and grits designed to meet the various bore or gauge sizes of most types of firearms, the Flex-Hone for Firearms achieves a rust-free, beautifully polished micro surface finish. As a result, many firearm manufacturers are today selecting the Flex-Hone for final finishing operations. However, the tool functions just as well in the hands of a DIYer.

The Flex-Hone quickly, safely and thoroughly cleans out any barrel damage that has occurred from oxidation and corrosion, blends out scratches and removes the nicks and pits that cause plastic adhesion.

Using the Flex-Hone has proven valuable to many industrial and mechanical applications. Although the tools are easy to use, they accomplish a precise and technical operation.

The tool’s main benefit is the high-grade surface finish that is produced, where the "peaks” are removed from the cylinder walls after boring without increasing the bore diameters so the minute "valleys" remain for oil retention. The resulting finish is known to create the desired requirement of fine fit, low friction operation that assists gun function.

With the vast array of sizes and abrasives and Brush Research’s ability to custom manufacture these flexible honing tools, the applications are virtually unlimited.

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