Global Elite Group Announces Canine Detection Unit

New canine explosives detection service adds another layer of efficiency to security Programs.

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The Global Elite Group Canine Unit Agent

In today’s world companies and individuals cannot be careful enough. Having a specially trained animal, able to alert its handlers to additional dangers, the human eye cannot see, makes sense on all levels.

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) July 12, 2012

The new Global Elite Canine Unit has been added to the security offerings at the Global Elite Group, the company announced. Specially trained dogs will be utilized for bomb sweeps for aircraft and hotels. The highly trained canine unit will be part of both the aviation security and the event management divisions. “Ways to increase the efficiency of our security programs is always a top priority at Global and as a result we have added a canine unit as another layer of detection for our service offerings,” stated William McGuire, President and CEO of the New York-based Global Elite Group.

The Global Elite Canine Unit will be overseen by Edward O’Driscoll, a former NYPD officer who possesses years of experience in high level perimeter explosive security services. “We are very lucky to have Ed in this new role for Global Elite. His expertise with training these amazing animals for the benefit and safety of our clients, as well as the public, is extremely valuable,” McGuire added. The unit will be comprised of Labrador Retrievers with years of successful field experience who O’Driscoll has personally trained.

Prior to announcing the new division, the unit had been working on various assignments with Global Clients picked to test the service. “We placed the animals on many locations to make sure they were able to travel easily and perform as expected. They really exceeded our expectations and that of our clients who would not normally think of having a dog as part of their security protocol,” stated Bryan Davis, Director of Marketing & Sales. The unit will now be used in aircraft searches for private and commercial interests at airports around the nation and also for events to sweep the area for explosives.

Global Elite Group oversees the security for VIPs and for events, this additional level of security will be very beneficial for clients that may be targets for a level of violence which may involve explosives. “In the post September 11th world, the need for bomb detection dogs became front and center. The use of these specially trained dogs is believed to be the fastest and most accurate way to detect the presence of an explosive device(s). We are capable of providing an extra layer of security that is needed to assure our clients that their aircraft or event is a safe environment for them and their guests. We provide a well constructed plan that meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations,” explained O’Driscoll. In today’s world companies and individuals cannot be careful enough. Having a specially trained animal, able to alert its handlers to additional dangers, the human eye cannot see, makes sense on all levels.

About Global Elite Group: The company provides security and emergency management services for companies of all sizes and is known for its aviation security programs for over 28 airlines located in the U.S. and abroad including United, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and Emirates. The company is always expanding service offerings to compliment the security needs of individuals, companies and high profile travelers. The company is also TSA certified to provide screenings to individuals and groups. Global Elite is also a full-service event security management company with security details available for deployment to cover small venues to large-scale multi location events. The company has been a security provider to the United Nations, U.S. Government, Olympics, Microsoft, news organizations and travelling VIPs. Other services include risk assessments and asset protection.


  • Katie All
    Global Elite Group