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Founder and manager of MML Enterprises LLC, Michelle Lopez is proud to announce the launch of TasersDirect.com. Safety-minded customers are invited to browse the new Internet storefront for incredible deals on a complete line of civilian Taser® products from Taser® International Inc., as well as stun guns, stun batons pepper sprays and Mace®. For self-defense information, visit the site’s new blog.

Manager of MML Enterprises LLC, Michelle Lopez is pleased to unveil her latest business venture, http://www.TasersDirect.com. The new online store features the complete line of civilian Taser® technology from Taser® International Inc., as well as top of the line pepper sprays, stun guns and stun rods all at affordable and competitive prices.

“A motivating factor for establishing TasersDirect.com is the result of my own unfortunate experience with a predator. I strongly believe that had I owned a Taser® or Mace® product, I would have been able to deter the assailant or at least have incapacitated him long enough to get away and call the police,” said Lopez.

The demand for less lethal forms of self-protection is on the rise. As an authorized Taser® International Inc. dealer, TasersDirect.com fills that need by providing U.S. citizens with access to the most effective civilian Taser® technology, stun guns and stun batons on the market today. These high voltage self-defense weapons, like the Taser® X26C™ and the Knuckle Blaster stun gun, pack a punch that will leave a would-be attacker temporarily neurologically disabled for up to 30 seconds, which is more than enough time to get away and call for help.

“I believe that Taser® products are outstanding alternatives to guns,” said Lopez. “For the protection of my children and myself, I keep a Taser® close by at all times.”

In states where civilians are not permitted to carry a Taser® or stun gun, pepper spray may be an excellent alternative. The most effective pepper spray items are available through TasersDirect.com, including the highly effective Mace® pepper spray gun™, which can unleash a 25 foot blast of fiery pepper spray onto an assailant’s face.

“There are a lot of pepper sprays on the market, so I personally sifted through the options and chose the models that are most user friendly,” said Lopez. “I also considered everything from ease of use to limited blowback to how intimidating the pepper spray looks to an assailant.”

Customer service is of the utmost importance at TasersDirect.com. Each self-defense product has been thoroughly researched and selected for its effectiveness and durability. In the future, the online shop’s inventory will expand to include home protection systems, surveillance systems, and hidden cameras. Orders are processed securely and shipped promptly. Feedback is always welcome and responded to in a timely manner by friendly, knowledgeable staff members.

To learn more about non-lethal self-defense products, visit the site’s new blog, http://www.TasersDirectBlog.com. The frequently updated interactive blog is an invaluable tool for patrons who take safety seriously.

About the Company:
TasersDirect.com – a division of MML Enterprises LLC – is owned and operated by Michelle Lopez and based out of Gilbert, AZ.

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