Cost Advise London Cyclists On How To Keep Their Bikes Secure

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As new Met Police statistics reveal nearly 50,000 bikes being stolen from the capital in the last couple of years, Cost, the online comparison and advice website examine how to secure your bike effectively.

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Metropolitan Police statistics reveal nearly 50,000 bikes were stolen from the capital in the last two years

The professionals at online comparison website Cost, specialise in providing their customers with the best deals and products for all of their insurance, money, travel and utility needs. Constantly endeavouring to provide the finest resources and advice for their users, Cost also produces guidelines on important issues. Their latest advice regards anti-theft measures for London cyclists, as new Metropolitan Police statistics reveal nearly 50,000 bikes were stolen from the capital in the last two years.

Cost’s insurance adviser and cycle enthusiast shares his view:

“Bike thefts are always on the rise in recent years so it’s more important now than ever to take every precaution available when you lock up your bike. Bike returns from the Police to their owners may be increasing but that doesn’t concern prevention so use the tips below to ensure your two-wheeled friend is as safe as it can be”.

Buy A Decent Lock

It may be common sense but is vital advice; the more expensive lock you own, the more secure your bike will be. Experts recommend spending between 10-20% of your bikes value on a lock. Good locks can cost in the region of a hundred pounds, which may seem a lot but it isn’t if you’ve spent more than a thousand pounds on your bike. And of course, multiple locks will also increase your bikes protection.

Be Sensible

Carry out a few logical checks before you lock up your cycle everyday. Check to see if the object you’re locking your bike to is immovable, that your lock goes through your wheels as well as frame and there is no gap between your lock and the anchoring object (gaps can be exploited to insert tools through).

Take Them Indoors

Not an option for everyone, but take your bicycle into the office or place of work with you if you can. This will decrease the likelihood of it being stolen but you should still lock it up even inside.

Remove The Detachables

Some modern bikes have ‘quick-release’ parts to them like the seat and wheels. Remove these detachable objects and take them with you if you can as this will make the thief’s life harder and reduce the chance of them wanting to steal it.

CCTV Isn’t Always A Deterrent

A common belief is that if you leave your cycle under the watchful eye of a security camera it will be safe- wrong! Thieves are getting more daring lately- probably because very few are caught- and CCTV doesn’t always put them off a good score so lock up your bike in a busy area full of people and remove it before the area becomes quiet.

Always Take Your Bike Home

Some bike thieves are now purposefully damaging bicycles (puncturing the tyres etc) in the hope the owner will leave it overnight so they can come back and steal it later. No matter what you are doing, you should make every effort possible to ensure that your bike goes home with you.

Get Covered!

Bike insurance might not physically protect your two-wheeled ally from being stolen but it does protect the owner after, as well as providing piece of mind each time you leave your bike.

The experts at Cost also regularly publish the latest news and developments concerning issues in their industry field.

Based in Essex, Cost is one of the UK’s leading price comparison sites. Allowing their online customers access to companies offering a range of insurance, financial and travel services, the firm specialise in providing a personal experience. Founded in 2012, the agency has a trusted reputation for sourcing the most ideal policies at affordable prices.

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