e-Logic Group CEO Anthony Martinez Conducts Strategy Sessions To Discuss Seminars On Advanced Securitization Audits, Forensic Audits, Quiet Title, Mortgage Fraud

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Real Estate Scammers are offering all kinds of Seminars using hot topic phrases like Securitization Audit, Forensic Audit, Quiet Title and Mortgage Fraud as anchors to fish line hook homeowners, attorneys and real estate brokers into attending their seminars while the real premise of the seminar is to offer their real estate package plan costing thousands of dollars. The Quiet Title portion of the Seminar is usually held off until the very end of the seminar, has about an hour of decent information while the rest of the information is based upon impractical or unsuccessful theories.

Discovery Tactics Expert, Consultant and Strategist

Anthony Martinez

"I've seen these quiet title seminars and the information they offer first hand. Their quiet title approach is based on the hope of a default. So what happens when the opposition fights back, claims your action is frivolous and moves for attorney fees?

As real estate scammers continue to hold bogus seminars using hot industry catch phrases like Quiet Title and Mortgage Fraud, a greater need has presented itself for real, crucial and critical information on these very real topics. "I may think I know everything there is to know about advanced securitization, quiet title and mortgage fraud options or arguments but that may not coincide with what attorneys and investors really need," says Anthony Martinez, e-Logic Group's Chief Executive Officer whose company now offers Advanced Securitization Audits, Forensic Audits and Litigation Strategy Analysis and is very well known in the legal community as one of the most reliable go to resources. "Attendees of seminars are your clients and like all relationships it's important to discuss your clients needs, understand them and come up with a plan that works for them. That's why I've decided to conduct strategy sessions with attorneys and investors on the topics of my Discovery Tactic's Seminars before I actually begin offering them."

Discovery Tactic Seminars are designed to be cutting edge. They offer attendees factual and critical real life working information that's not theory based on someone's inexperienced interpretation. Discovery Tactics is a Weblog authored by Mr. Martinez, a Discovery Expert, Consultant and Strategist. His consulting company Anthony Martinez & Associates/AMA Global Group ("AMA") is the most advanced Legal Process Outsourcing ("LPO") company (and probably the only LPO Service Provider) that specializes in real property defense and offensive litigation that offers true back-end office support services to attorneys. AMA does advanced legal research, drafts advanced pleadings and trains attorneys in specific litigation tactics and strategies relative to real property litigation.

"I've seen these quiet title seminars and the information they offer first hand. Their quiet title approach is based on the hope of a default. So what happens when the opposition fights back, claims your action is frivolous and moves for attorney fees?    These scammers claim a securitization report will get you to the finish line, I'm here to tell you it takes much more than that. Scammers claim they can negotiate with the trust, good luck with that. I can promise you U.S. Bank will not back down and give you your property free and clear or 30 cents on the dollar because you have a securitization report. These seminars don't give attendees the real A to Z on how begin an action, weather the fight and bring it home," says Mr. Martinez.

To offer the finest seminars, Mr. Martinez is conducting a series of strategy sessions with attorneys and investors to identify exactly what they would like to see, hear and receive in Mr. Martinez' Discovery Tactic's Seminars. The topics will include but will not be limited to Securitization - How to Effectively Use a Report; Is Quiet Title the Right Remedy When You're Not the Borrower?; Complaints - How to Paint the Right Picture for the Judge; How to Survive a Motion to Dismiss; Negotiation - Forcing the Oppositions Hand Properly and much more.

To learn more about Discovery Tactics Seminars and Anthony Martinez, visit the Discovery Tactics Weblog, the AMA Website or the e-Logic Group's Website that offer clients Advanced Securitization Audit and Forensic Audit Analysis Reports that are significantly different from other securitization reports being distributed in the market today.


About Anthony Martinez and Discovery Tactics - Anthony Martinez is the President & Chief Executive Officer of the high-profile and advanced e-discovery, securitization, forensic and litigation analysis company e-Logic Group (http://www.e-logicgroup.com) and Anthony Martinez & Associates/AMA Global Group (http://www.amartinezlaw.com), an advanced Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) and consulting firm for high-profile civil and criminal matters.

Anthony Martinez is a highly qualified Electronic Discovery Expert with more than 16 years in-depth litigation & practice support experience within service bureaus, major AMLAW 100 law firms and Fortune 500 companies. He’s extremely tech savvy and is a leader at (ECA) Early Case Assessment. Mr. Martinez is one of the most sort after foreclosure defense and offense strategist who has created a sophisticated and advanced approach to loan securitization and forensic analysis. He is an expert and professional with comprehensive knowledge of traditional discovery and advanced e-discovery, forensics and acquisition, pre-discovery and post processing strategies.

Mr. Martinez is a top speaker and service provider of advanced discovery, securitization and forensic analysis solutions in foreclosure litigation. With an extensive background in finding “smoking gun” documents and critical turnaround facts, Mr. Martinez has taken analysis and analytics to an unmatched level creating the most advanced information chain litigators need to win. Look for upcoming Webinars and Seminars at Discovery Tactics (http://www.discoverytactics.com) and follow Mr. Martinez and Discovery Tactics on Twitter @AMAExpert. If you need the most advanced Securitization and Forensic Audit Analysis contact the e-Logic Group.

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