Lanyadoo has Uncovered a 2600 Year Old Secret, Latin Alphabet is in fact the Original Hebrew Letters the Bible was Written With, Proving an Omnipresent Connection.

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Lanyadoo uses the connection between Hebrew and Latin as evidence to the existence of god. After decoding scientific formulas and basic English words it becomes clear that language did not evolve but was created by god.

Ex 32:16 And the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tablets.

Lanyadoo points at the table and says: It is easy to see that the Latin/Roman alphabet was not invented nor based on more than one alphabet as suggested by all encyclopedias and experts. The table shows 3,000 and 4,000 year old Hebrew letters that are practically identical to Latin letters. This is not in code; they are the same letters except that they are written left to right instead of right to left. Some letters, such as A, B, and K are on their side or upside down, others, such as the Hebrew Peh, was split into two letters: P and F, and therefore don’t look the same. But 19 out of 22 letters are identical. This not only means we are all using the original letters the bible was written in today, but Lanyadoo holds that it is also the proof that language did not evolve, but was in fact put there and kept there by a creator.

Lanyadoo further insists "God is in the letters," as well as the numbers they correspond to. The numerical value of YHWH is 26, the same number of letters in the Latin alphabet, there are 26,000 genes in our DNA, 2012 is the culmination of the big 26,000 year planetary cycle and the holy Mayan year is 260 days. Accident or Design?    

It was about 2,600 years ago that Hebrew letters were radically changed to their modern Aramaic counterparts.

This all leads Lanyadoo to claim that the Torah is written with words that represent our modern day Latin formulas and words.

In fact, every word is a formula. For example, for-mula(פר מילה) means "creates word" in Hebrew.

An example Lanyadoo feels is even more powerful is the Hebrew word for sun, שמש CMC which is also a formula: MC^2, which describes how the sun produces energy. MC^2 also explains that light travels at a constant(C) speed of 300,000 km/s which is the same as the numerical value of the letter Shin(C) which is also 300. Einstein correctly decoded the word sun. It explains why Einstein "chose" C for the speed of light…

The same holds true for other Latin formulas. H2O can also be written as H-O-H. This corresponds to the Hebrew word for water, Ma-Y-M(מימ), where the M stands for hydrogen(may-man in Hebrew) and Y(י) for oxygen, which has 2 orbits of electrons, one with 2 and the other with 6 = 26. Those two formulas are in the first verses of Genesis(many more words, formulas and expanded explanations can be found on the website) represented by the Letter Yod י which stands for יהוה YHWH.

Using the same logic, "The Lord" or A-Do-N-A-I in consonantal Hebrew is DNA…the Hebrew word DIN A means Ruling-God.

Lanyadoo cedes that evolution is a fact but states that it doesn’t suggest how life was created accidentally. Point of fact there is no theory that explains how a series of accidental events created the four DNA letters and then used them to write programs for the past 3.5 billion years.

It is important to understand that the origin of WRITTEN language is not 5000 years old but 3.5 billion years old. It occurred when God, nature or whoever you wish to call it first created four letters from complex phosphates of specific size and shape and used them (combined them) to write programs. The first combination represented the first written word…”in the beginning was the word” is therefore scientifically correct but this explanation could only have understood after 1953 (the discovery of DNA).

Joe Lanyadoo believes that though he didn’t discover the God Particle, he discovered The writing of god, a vast library of knowledge which constitutes a scientific proof that a Creator God, rather than a series of accidents created and programmed us and later inserted god’s creation tool, letter combinations –words, into our DNA.
Lanyadoo believes the last research frontier will be the Torah.

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