Zinkuz Life Extension App Needs Funding

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Zinkuz, the minority, woman-owned company turns to crowd-funding to complete life extending app. The app has a patent-pending process that connects anonymous and random co-workers together within the boundaries of an organization that could extend employees lives.

ZinkUz provides the ability to connect anonymously and randomly with people within organizations to drive innovation, improve morale and lower attrition.

Are there still ideas out in the world that could be bigger than Facebook or Google? One company would like to think Zo. ZinkUz is a new patent pending process that will be used on smart phone apps and websites. It’s simple, but potentially wields mind-blowing ramifications throughout the world.

Doctor Sharon Toker at Tel Aviv University in Israel published findings back in 2008 of a twenty yearlong study that found people who had low social support at work were more than two times likely to die before people who experience a socially supportive work environment.

Mala Brough is the inventor of ZinkUz. ZinkUz provides the ability to connect anonymously & randomly with people within organizations, churches, non-profits and business. Let’s look at how an employee would use ZinkUz at a company called SeeYaSayBor Corp. Hundreds of employees work at SeeYaSayBor Corp. The employee is just about to go to lunch and they pull up the ZinkUz app on their phone or web browser. They tell ZinkUz they're ready to go to lunch in the next 10 or 15 minutes. The ZinkUz process connects them to another co-worker or a group of co-workers using its magical patent-pending process. ZinkUz then sends their co-worker’s contact details like phone, email and a photo.

The app is designed for companies with over a hundred people in one location and for global companies that may have offices around the USA and world. Subscriber companies will also be given the ability to configure the parameters that determine how employees are matched. For instance, a company may want to connect co-workers who have less than 1 year experience with those that have 5 or more years experience.

ZinkUz provides a win-win for the employees and organization. For the employee, ZinkUz is fun, it will lower workplace stress, and it will boost employee morale. And there’s been medical studies done that says if you eat with co-workers it can be very beneficial to your health. Companies benefit through lowered attrition, a stronger corporate culture, and it helps drive innovation & creativity. Let’s not forget about having a positive impact on profits.

How big could ZinkUz be?….BIG! Just between businesses, organizations, non-profits and universities ZinkUz has the potential to create 1.4 trillion new friendships and the ZinkUz app would be used 2.8 trillion times…that’s big and that’s only for the USA. Worldwide, this number could reach over 10 trillion views. How big is 10 trillion? It would take the 900,000,000 Facebook users checking their Facebook once a day over thirty years to reach 10 trillion. And, ZinkUz could easily be used within China without limitations that are imposed on other websites like Facebook.

Is ZinkUz going to make money…YES!!! The founders of ZinkUz want to make money so they can help people. They have made a commitment that they are going to give away 100% of their profits to worthy projects. ZinkUz #1 priority is helping people and it’s clear their not after fame or fortune. Their philanthropist ideas are represented in their outrageous pricing options. ZinkUz is going to offer three pricing options; pay them what ever you want, work with ZinkUz to agree on price, or don’t pay anything at all.

They're turning to the internet community to help fund the project completion and they're seeking potential employees. ZinkUz will donate 10% of its profits from the first three years of operation to the persons or organizations chosen by the funders.** Each funder will be able to direct the distribution of their shared pro-rated percentage each year for three years. For example, let’s say they raise $30,000 in total contributions and a person contributed $250 of that amount towards Zinkuz. Let’s say ZinkUz profits $10 million for the first three years. 10% x $10Million = $1 million ZinkUz would contribute back to the community. Because of their $250 contribution ZinkUz would contribute back $8333 in their name to any persons or organizations they desired (250/30000 times $1million). Remember the $10 million profit is hypothetical.

Right now ZinkUz is giving people a chance to be a part of their success. ZinkUz is seeking help from the internet community to raise funds to complete development of the application. If people are interested in contributing time and energy to the project, please send ZinkUz an email.

**Contributors towards the ZinkUz project will receive no equity. ZinkUz is a start-up company and the company could have no profits for the first three years. This is not a contractual agreement..

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