Former Editor in Chief of National Lampoon Snaps, Blames Buffalo Bills, Goes on Crusade

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New "savior of losing" promises to end the pain of long-suffering fans everywhere.

It’s even worse than being a radical Islamic fanatic. At least they get 72 virgins at the end, but what do we get, 72 extra pounds?!

Scott Rubin, the former Editor in Chief of National Lampoon and a hopelessly obsessed life-long Buffalo Bills fan hits the road in an attempt to quit football’s most notorious losing franchise. Will Rubin succumb to the preseason hype over recent free agent signing Mario Williams and thus risk losing his wife and family or find a way to kick his addiction to losing for good?

Along his journey, Rubin will pick up other fellow winning-challenged souls. Together they’ll seek answers to their curious cellar-dwelling fate, driving a perfect L across sports’ losing corridor: from Minnesota (Vikings) to Milwaukee (Brewers) to Chicago (Cubs) to Detroit (Lions) to Cleveland (Browns, Cavs, Indians) to Toronto (Maple Leafs) and finally to his hometown, the mecca of sports losing, Buffalo, NY (take your pick). If Rubin and his disciples can’t quit, he’ll find a way to break the curse that keeps their beloved teams from winning.

Rubin will become the "savior of losing," trying to end the chronic masochism that plagues sports fans of all drought-prone cities. “Why? Why do we keep coming back for more? For what? To what end… more suffering? We’re fanatics! But it’s even worse than being a radical Islamic fanatic. At least they get 72 virgins at the end, but what do we get, 72 extra pounds?!”

Rubin feels qualified to become the messiah for losers because of a deep-rooted connection to the Bills. “I was quite possibly born on the exact day the Buffalo Bills were founded. My life is intrinsically intertwined with this team. It was written in the cosmos. The way the Bills go, I go, the way I go, the Bills go. Sure it sounds crazy, and it is! But I’m telling you it’s true. They’ve attached themselves to me.”

Rubin will seek answers from a wide spectrum of experts: Psychiatrists, FBI Fanatic Profilers, Statisticians, Scientists, Reiki Healers, Pranic Healers, Bookies, Past Life Regression Therapists, Voodoo Practitioners, Witch Doctors and a guy named Saul.

According to Rubin, inexplicable losing, or the Black Cloud Effect, as he likes to call it, is a serious problem that not only plagues sports franchises but many individuals as well. “How often do you hear people say no matter what they do they just can’t get a break? I know I suffer from it; I was the Editor in Chief of National Lampoon for 10 years and I never got to make a movie, but somehow they came out with 'Dorm Daze 2,' 'Gold Diggers' and 'Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj'?! How do you explain that? My quest will seek real answers to free people of this perpetual losing affliction. The 'losing corridor’s' fate isn’t set in stone… there’s a way out of this nightmare and I will discover it. Get ready, great change awaits at the next bend, and it ain’t gonna be wide right.”

Each step of this losing battle is currently being documented and will soon become the feature film “Losing It.” Rubin is running an active Kickstarter campaign with the intent to finance the project through crowdfunding. A video on Kickstarter reveals Rubin’s obsession and offers a glimpse into the upcoming movie:

About Scott Rubin:

Scott Rubin was the Editor in Chief of National Lampoon for 10 years (1999-2009). Under his helm, National Lampoon was nominated for the Webby Award twice for best humor site. Rubin produced articles and videos that have been celebrated in the NY Times, Huffington Post, Wall St. Journal, USA Today, et al., with their 9/11 material enshrined in the Smithsonian Institute. Upon his exit, Rubin-produced videos were ranked number #1 in comedy in the 16-24 demographic throughout the web universe. Rubin also served as Editor for Comedy at Myspace and the Editor in Chief of Laff Track Magazine. He currently produces and hosts his own comedy show, Chutzpah, on JLTV.

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