Raydrix Guide to The Secret World Reveals Comprehensive Strategies To Stay Ahead In The Secret World – Raydrix Guide Now Launched Worldwide!

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Raydrix Guide for The Secret World is now available - featuring in depth strategies, quest walkthroughs, class mechanics, gold-making, crafting techniques, and other features to give players a serious head start over the competition. More information available at http://www.raydrixguide.com.

The Secret World MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game released by Funcom stands out among other games of the genre for being quite unique in not just its modern day setting, but also in its approach to gameplay, leveling and character skill building.

The game has a rather challenging and at times outright maddeningly difficult take on several quests and complicated plotlines that often leaves players lost and desperate for solutions on the web. And as such, there has been an outcrop of several online resources for The Secret World, however the quality and accuracy of these vary quite a bit.

The nature of the quick changes in the game has called for professional gamers to take up the cause of producing a complete, high quality guide under the banner of Raydrix Guides.
The guide gives complete coverage of the most important aspects of the game, taking a convenient beginner to advanced approach that appeals to players of all skill levels. It places a special focus on successfully and quickly leveling, taking your character through the quest lines in an enjoyable and logical fashion. Raydrix Guide also places emphasis on helping the player understand the reasoning behind its recommendations and as such offers a degree of player flexibility and empowerment that is quite refreshing.

The features of Raydrix Guide are quite extensive. From beginner class decision to the gameplay interface, the guide takes the player through increasingly more detailed descriptions and information on power leveling, questing, techniques for generating income and so on. This gives early users a head start over others. The Secret World has already garnered millions of players and as such, the level of competition is so high that it leaves little time for painstaking research over the web. As such, Raydrix Guides are a complete compendium of knowledge that ensure that the player feels in complete control and gains a sense of mastery. Therefore the majority of the player’s time is spent in actually playing and leveling efficiently, and not in searching.
The team behind Raydrix Guides is a handpicked set of veteran MMO gamers from leading guilds in such games as World of Warcraft, Rift, SW:TOR and other popular MMOs, with professional editors and quality assurance. These players are well-known and recognized for their contributions by way of YouTube videos, blogs and forum posts that have helped the gaming community immensely.

A special mention can be made of the questing and crafting guides, which are by far the most comprehensive and easy to follow resources available on the web for these areas of The Secret World. The overall production value is also respectable and the guide has a premium feel and refinement to it that is somewhat lacking in most other resources. Regular updates keep getting posted and players get intimated of these changes via email. The guide has been written in a way that enables players to proceed to the end game at a rapid and yet enjoyable pace, giving them confidence and mastery over every aspect of the game.

More details available at http://www.raydrixguide.com

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