Solar Cigarette Releases Their One Of A Kind 2nd Generation Solar Cigarette

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Electronic cigarettes are a dime a dozen these days but the Solar Cigarette electronic cigarette stands out from the rest with it's weight loss capabilities. How can the Solar Cigarette help smokers lose weight and fight nicotine cravings?

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Get access to your own personal smoking buddy to help you stay committed and offer the VIP service you deserve while making the switch to a better lifestyle.

The Solar Cigarette company prides itself on giving their clients exactly what they request which is why they have introduced their 2nd generation Solar Cigarette to their clients and now to the public.

Many other electronic cigarettes are great for smokers as they give smokers the same feeling of smoking but the Solar Cigarette adds an extra bonus of losing weight with every single puff. See what celebrities are saying about the electronic cigarette.

The Solar Cigarette is the first of it's kind to offer smokers a choice between using nicotine flavor refill cartridges or vitamin packs when using their electronic cigarette. The company created these vitamin packs that consist of liquid vitamin B, vitamin Q, and ginseng that will help smokers not only fight nicotine cravings but also aid in the anti aging process, weight loss, and also provide more energy to smokers who use the vitamin packs. What gorgeous celebrity switched to the electronic cigarette?

"The smoking device is also much healthier than any cigarette out there or any of its alternative available. Basically, it's because it can deliver the smoking sensation that smokers crave but without the accompanying danger to health. The absence of tobacco is the primary reason why it is safe to use. With the product working without any tobacco burning, no carcinogen-full of smoke is released every time a person uses it."

A representative of states that smokers get the pleasure of smoking a real cigarette but now can smoke anywhere they choose to without the risk of spreading second hand smoke to others. The vapor released by the smoker is odorless. Our clients are enjoying the benefits that the Solar Cigarette provides them but our weight loss vitamin packs are truly our top seller.

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