Study Breaks College Media Presents Bars with Innovative Ways to Use Mobile Marketing to Reach College Students and Increase Their Traffic and Profits

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Study Breaks, a leading college media entertainment company, offers bars different creative strategies for utilizing the goldmine that is mobile marketing to reach college students. With their phones in their hands 24/7, college students are best reached through text messaging and there are myriad ways to use this tool to maximum effect and increase the amount of customers and, in turn, profits.

mobile marketing for college bars

College students are attached to their phones--take advantage with mobile marketing!

A geo-fence is a virtual border that can be targeted via location-based mobile marketing. Who could resist going into a bar after receiving message that said "Get in here right now, you sexy beast--your 1/2 price cocktail is waiting"?

The days of passing out flyers to promote aren't over, but there's a new strategy that can make it even easier on the bar owner--and customer--to expose and be exposed to great deals and events: mobile marketing. With college students on their phones at every moment of every day (and night!), there's never been a more simple, easy and effective way to reach them. Here are a few creative ideas for promoting a bar to this giant, profitable demographic...via text message:

"Come on In" Contest:
It's like Studio 54, but the customers don't have to be sexy seventies starlets to gain entry to the club or bar. Instead of the door guy picking and choosing, grant immediate and/or free entry to patrons who text a correct answer while waiting in line.

Theme it up:
Not everyone can be Hugh Hefner, but if there is one thing to be learned by watching that pervy magazine mogul's reality show, it's that everybody loves a themed party. The bar probably doesn't resemble the Playboy Mansion, but there is nothing that says there can't be wild parties with patrons encouraged to play dress-up. Send text messages alerting customers to special theme nights- like a 2nd chance prom or pajama party (because college kids are already wearing their pajamas to class anyway).

Shady Lady, etc.:
Send coupons and event announcements directly to patrons. Ladies Night? Send drink coupons to the first 10 women to text in a "lady word" like shoes...or feelings. And--face it--more ladies in the bar lures more guys to the bar.

Who dat?
Offer live entertainment? Customers can text to find out who's playing when. This is also another great opportunity for direct interaction with patrons. Have them text to win a band's cd or t-shirt. Everyone--ESPECIALLY in college--loves free stuff.

Fence 'em in:
A geo-fence is a virtual border that can be targeted via location-based mobile marketing. Customers who are in a bar or club, or are in line for a bar or club, or simply walking by a bar or club can receive automatic texts from the bar owner. Who could resist going into a bar after receiving message that said "Get in here right now, you sexy beast--your 1/2 price cocktail is waiting"?

Yo, VIP, Let's Kick It:
Establishing a VIP list is ego-boosting for clients and essential for the bar itself. To get bottle service tables reserved, text VIP members with the opportunity to book them first. It makes it easy on the customer and, in turn, they're bringing in additional guests and cash that wouldn't have been there otherwise. Everyone wins. VIPs should also get access to special, closed events, or first access and perhaps special seating with events like fashion shows, and appearances by celebrity DJs and special guests.

Vote For Pedro!
Or whomever. It's a great idea to hold contests where patrons can text their vote for their favorite bartender, server, dancer, or even their favorite drink. Those who voted for the winners get a free drink. (But not a free bartender, server, or dancer...It's not that kind of bar.)

Hey, Mr. DJ:
On a Saturday night the most frequently shrieked exclamation is undoubtedly "Oh my God, I LOVE this song!" True, sometimes, it's in response to the first few bars of "Don't stop believing,'" which sucks, but one thing is for sure, music makes the world go 'round. Well, at least music makes them order another round.

Imagine if patrons can text song requests to a DJ...Why would they ever leave?

These are just a few ideas but the possibilities, as they say, really are endless. It's important to think about the business and what people love about it. What makes it stand out? One should build mobile marketing strategies around those concepts and not be afraid to try something new. Now, let the drinks...and creative juices...flow.

Study Breaks College Media provides a one-stop solution for small businesses, providing them with big marketing strategies and delivering college students.

Study Breaks magazine is an award-winning line of monthly entertainment magazines for college students with a mission can best be explained through its slogan: We are college life. Published by Shweiki Media Printing Company, it is distributed in five Texas cities (Austin, Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos and Lubbock) and three southeast cities (Athens, GA; Auburn, AL; Columbia, SC). (

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