ASF, International Safety Alert,“Eyes on the Road/Hands on the Wheel”

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Automobile Safety Foundation delivers the truth about driver distractions, steering locks, and much more.

“Welcome aboard.. put your seats in the upright position,… fasten your seat belts….. prepare for departure…,” and so begins the ASF video, “Eyes on the Road/Hands on the Wheel,” is a truly revelatory auto safety video.

The novel video covers everything from the new concept of the driver as a pilot, the discipline and difficulty of sustained driving concentration, to a warning about passenger distractions, while also addressing all driver distractions, such as texting etc. with the one concept: eyes on the road/hands on the wheel. The video is must viewing for all drivers and passengers, and should go “viral” on the internet. Bravo, ASF, two thumbs up.

ASF has been the vanguard for auto safety since its founding in 1988, by addressing the most important auto safety issues, with international life saving information at their web page: Case in point: “STEERING LOCKS!” the ASF warning printed by national DMV across the United States, This urgent warning is about the spring-loaded steering lock, equipped on most vehicles since 1969. ASF states, "the steering lock, an obsolete and hazardous auto theft device, causes accidents by steering lockup, while making auto theft easy, allowing vehicles to be stolen in as little as a minute. Steering locks are unsafe at any speed.".

ASF is the premiere proponent responsible for pioneering the worldwide change to “immobilizer” technology. Remedial action has taken time, and over the last two decades, with the backing of everyone from former President Clinton, to the Vatican, ASF eventually liberated the automobile! Now all auto makers offer at least one model with immobilizer, while Chrysler and General Motors are in the forefront of auto makers, having replaced almost all steering locks with safe and modern immobilizer technology. Furthermore, at the turn of the century, the European Union, Canada, and other countries passed laws to make immobilizer a legal requirement.

The ASF persistence should be commended, as they never gave up petitioning the NHTSA/DOT for rulemaking to address this urgent safety crisis. Recently, over twenty three years later, the NHTSA wrote ASF stating they, “have issued a rulemaking to consider the use of immobilizer on vehicles sold in the United States, under 49CTR part 5 under Federal Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Standards,” The NHTSA final rulemaking is expected this year, and ASF believes the victory is won.

ASF addresses other auto safety issues as well, additionally, warning about the hazardous blind spot on standard equipment side view mirrors, and the need for blind spot attachments, as well as many more driving safety tips.

The automobile is the number one cause of harm and death to young people, while all of the above gives a new opportunity and meaning to,“social networking.” Today there are many ways to help the good cause: e mail, network, blog etc., or make a tax deductible donation to this important work. Your contribution will make a difference!

ASF is offering the copyrights to. “Eyes on the Road/Hands on the Wheel” video (or video excerpts) for government and educational organizations or schools. ASF contact information is found at: .

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