Rev-Trac Service Pack 6 Opens Door to Accelerated Batch Processing, Boosts Performance By Up To 60%

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New release introduces important new controls and functionality at the transport and object levels to fine-tune control, produce high ROI.

The new Rev-Trac capabilities will greatly accelerate processes that have had to grind away at batch migrations that could as well be performed as parallel, not sequential, tasks."

Revelation Software Concepts Pty Ltd (RSC), a pioneer and market leader in simplifying change control for SAP software users, has released Service Pack SPS06 for its flagship change control and automation product Rev-Trac. The support package delivers enhancements especially important for companies who have complex SAP systems supporting many clients, managing multiple systems, and using lengthy batch processes to coordinate complex change transport migrations.

Service Pack 6 helps solve several significant challenges for large organizations, especially those in highly regulated fields. Such organizations often need the flexibility to impose regulation-specific controls together with policy enforcement that is granular enough to meet their specific industrial needs. The two requirements are not always easily reconciled, especially in a context of automated batch processing where consistent change migration is one key to success. Service Pack 6 provides new levels of fine control to help organizations experiencing this dilemma reconcile their conflicting needs in a business-efficient manner.

"Batch process delays can present stubborn challenges, especially when closely related changes must be cycled sequentially through many similar or identical systems,” explains David Gordon, Chief Information Officer at RSC. “The new Rev-Trac capabilities will greatly accelerate processes that have had to grind away at batch migrations that could as well be performed as parallel, not sequential, tasks."    

Important new functionality delivered by Rev-Trac SP6 includes:

  •     Simultaneous Imports Across Multiple Clients – Batch processes can be a safe, automated way to migrate changes into a busy system, but can delay change processing if, for example, identical migrations must be performed on a series of individual SAP systems. Such a bottleneck can be a problem for large service organizations with dozens of customers. The new service pack enhancements can speed complex batch change migration jobs by up to 60% by allowing simultaneous import into multiple clients of the same system ID.
  •     Enhanced Batch Flexibility – When a planned migration sequence includes known points that need manual intervention (for example, to adjust a range of numbers), the migration can automatically pause until an administrator releases it to continue. The pause can include transport-specific instructions, notifications sent to specified personnel and other flexible controls to prevent import of transports before they are ready, while maintaining the migration as a start-to-finish sequence that is managed as a single migration process.
  •     Direct Access to Objects – Rev-Trac has long made technical objects visible by drilling down to them from the dashboard, even when an object is linked through multiple active SAP systems. This visibility has been extended to direct access to change any technical object from the Rev-Trac dashboard, further streamlining the change process. For example, an HR object may touch separate systems in payroll, accounting and a third-party tool. IT can now drill down directly to the object from the Rev-Trac control panel and make needed changes in one operation, saving the organization both IT support time and the resulting costs.
  •     Tighter Control Over Changes to Sensitive Objects – When IT tags a specific object as sensitive (for example, a table index can have wide effects), administrators now can limit changes to specific request types, specific projects, or both. The result, when needed, can be a highly specific approval process for any change affecting the object, eliminating the risk of personnel making seemingly small changes with low-level approvals, resulting in unintended and unanticipated system disruptions.

For more information on RSC, its products and services see Rev-Trac SPS06 is available to all RSC customers using Rev-Trac 6.0 and above.

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Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) specializes in simplifying change control for SAP solutions, developing market-leading technology to reduce the risks and lower the costs of delivering changes into information systems. Since RSC was founded in 1997, some of the world’s largest companies have come to rely upon its mature change control solutions. Its deep expertise and responsive support have made RSC the leading change-control specialist for SAP solution-based infrastructures around the globe. RSC is 100% SAP solution-focused. Its products simplify change control for both ABAP and non-ABAP programming language-based technologies, reflecting RSC’s commitment to technologically innovative change control solutions that serve current market needs. For more information, visit

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