Hydroponic Supplies Shop Launches its First Big Sale Since Opening

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Hydroponic Supplies Shop is launching its first sale and free shipping on the popular Lumatek Lighting and Lumatek Electronic Ballasts.

Anyone can be a succeess at indoor gardening. It's not rocket science!

Hydroponics Supplies Shop, the new and innovative online shop for indoor gardening supplies and tips, has just announced its first sale beginning this week, July 17.

“We chose the very popular, Lumatek, high intensity discharge HPS ( high pressure sodium) bulbs and Lumatek electronic ballasts, as our first sale items, “says Judith Blanchard, the manager of HSS. We are introducing the high quality Lumatek lighting supplies all at deep discount prices to our prospective clients and we are shipping free on these special items for a short time only.”

Their online Hydroponic Supplies Shop is doing surprisingly well for a new company that just opened this spring. Their goal to qualify as a main supplier of indoor gardening supplies for indoor gardeners and would be hydroponic gardeners all over North America is soon becoming a reality.

“This special sale ought to get things rolling a little faster,” says Bill Blanchard, the less patient half of the husband and wife management team of Hydroponic Supplies Shop.
“Most of our sales so far have been for Lumatek grow bulbs and Lumatek electronic ballasts so we thought why not give our customers a break in price and also offer free shipping to increase sales.”

Hydroponics of one sort or another has been around since the first century Roman civilization. It restarted in the 1600’s when it became necessary for survival to protect crops from freezing weather. Interest again arose during the 1920’s and the 1940’s but got quashed by the government after WWII just to help the economy get back to normal.
Interest in hydroponics is on its way back up lately in many countries as well as the U.S. both commercially and for home use since the beginning of the wide use of plastics instead of concrete. Also it is becoming less and less feasible to grow crops in one area and ship and fly to consumers in another area.
“As less and less area is available for growing outside crops and more and more of the available areas are contaminated with harmful chemicals smart people will be turning to home hydroponics indoor gardens to supply at least a portion of their daily food,” says Judith, “and we will be here to help them get started”.
“We carry everything needed to get started in indoor growing as well as all supplies required to keep an indoor hydroponic garden thriving including many organic plant nutrients. There are many helpful how-to videos on their website and other useful tips and information.”

“It’s so easy that anyone can succeed. Its not rocket science!” Bill is fond of saying while talking about his favorite subject, indoor home hydroponics..

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