Dahryn Skincare™ Announces Official Launch of Dahryn Silver Gel™

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Remarkable product sales in first three weeks.

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On June 22,2012, Mahendra and Dahryn Trivedi celebrated the official launch of Dahryn Silver Gel™ in the presence of hundreds guests at the Westin LAX Hotel in Los Angeles, USA. The range and degree of the reported results from this product have been remarkable while first three weeks sales figures have defied expectations, crossing $100,000 (USD).

The premiere product from the highly anticipated Dahryn Skincare™ line (a division of Dahryn, LLC.), Dahryn Silver Gel™ is infused with the Trivedi Effect®, a natural phenomenon that, when harnessed and transmitted by individuals, transforms living organisms and non-living materials so they can function at a higher level and serve a greater purpose.

Mahendra Trivedi, founder of Trivedi Foundation® and Trivedi Master Wellness™ and Dahryn Trivedi possess the ability to transmit the Trivedi Effect®. The impact of this phenomenon has been measured, validated and documented in over 4,000 studies at major research institutes throughout the world resulting in several publications in leading international peer-reviewed journals. Tens of thousands of people throughout the world have experienced the phenomenon of Trivedi Science™

Dahryn Silver Gel™ helps promote natural healing and instantly makes the skin feel noticeably softer. Dahryn Silver Gel works both on the surface and deep in your skin to quench and transform all skin types, free of oil, fragrance, alcohol or color, Dahryn Silver Gel™ does not clog pores and suitable for even the most irritable skin types.

Dahryn Silver Gel™ can not only deliver a broad range of skin-repairing benefits, it may also save time and money, as consumers are reporting that they no longer needed their numerous expensive products and time- consuming skincare regimes.

One male reported that the ultra-sensitive cracked skin on his hands was repaired after two weeks of applying Dahryn Silver Gel™. Additionally, the hypersensitive on his face which resulted in chronic “razor burn” was now soft and supple from Dahryn Silver Gel™.

All of us know the importance of healthy, high quality skin in our everyday lives. If your skin is free from disorders like acne and problems such as ultra dry skin, oily skin, rough or broken skin, this increases confidence in our every day life. Low confidence due to appearance causes stress, anxiety, depression, social anxiety, ADD, ADHD, etc. Although an individual may have lots of intelligence or many skills, life may still be full of dissatisfaction and hurdles due to poor skin quality. Due to lack of confidence, many find it hard to maintain healthy relationships or to attract a soul mate; a poor look reduces confidence, which brings sadness, low self-esteem, sensitivity, heavy emotions, disrupted sleep or sleep apnea, and ultimately, people are not able to be optimistic in life. These things not only effect physical health, but a poor look disturbs overall peace of mind and effects the level of success in life. Hundreds of people are reporting that Dahryn Silver Gel™ is helping those previously suffering from sun spots, broken, dry or very oily skin; many have reported that their skin has started glowing and that their self confidence is improving. People report that they are no longer in a state of hopelessness and some are more successful in their relationships and in their career.

For many women, the external look is one million times more important than internal beauty. Most women feel that when men look at towards a woman, the man will analyze her through the appearance or the quality of her skin. If her features are not very sharp and attractive but the quality of skin is very high or silky, many women feel that they will be able to attract the maximum number of males on this planet and eventually find a soul-mate or the right life partner. A majority of women are spending a very significant amount of their income every month on how to look better, how they can be appreciated and recognized by society for their beauty. Most of the products on the market have made big claims but provided very little outcome.

Within three weeks, in a very small group of people, Dahryn Silver Gel™ sales have demonstrated the benefits that the product brings to the lives of consumers by improving their skin quality. More than 25% of consumers have purchased between a half dozen and one dozen bottles of Dahryn Silver Gel™ at a time as gifts for family members, relatives and friends so that they too may become more attractive and successful in life.
Additional video testimonials may be seen here:

The official launch of Dahryn Skincare took place during Mahendra Trived’s Annual Retreat in Los Angeles, a limited supply of 1.5oz and 4oz bottles were available and sold out within 48 hours. The product is now available at http://www.DahrynSkincare.com with special introductory pricing through July 31st.

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