Grantham MechVent™ Licensing Opportunities to be Presented at the Firehouse Expo to be held in Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland from July 19-21, 2012

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Patent Attorney Dave Karasic of Patents Etcetera announces the offer of licensing, in any and all of the Patent Cooperation Treaty countries, of the Grantham MechVent™ at the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, Maryland, July 19 -21, 2012.

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My only question is: "Why hasn't somebody done this before?"

Shikha Barman, Ph.D., Materials Specialist

Patent attorney Dave Karasic, founder and Chief Counsel of Patents Etcetera, a Boston area intellectual property and product promotion firm, will be in Booth #250 at the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, Maryland, July 19 -21, to discuss the licensing of the Grantham MechVent design with all interested parties. This firefighting tool (Patent Cooperation Treaty approval pending), provides a means to remove the smoke and heated air from a burning compartment without the requirement that a firefighter be physically in the building. Incorporating this functionality incurs the advantages of improved visibility inside the building, while limiting the possibility of the occurrence of flashover events resulting from the accumulation of excess heat in the burning compartment. The negative pressure ventilation capability by way of the MechVent™ hydraulic ventilation feature handily accomplishes these goals.

The device, developed with R&D funding provided exclusively by Patents Etcetera, has been demonstrated on the Canadian Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet show. During the Daily Planet expose of the MechVent™, the different capabilities of this genuinely novel and unprecedented breakthrough in firefighting technology were demonstrated. The MechVent™ can be mounted at the top of a ladder and then put into position in the window of a burning building, and then controlled entirely from outside of the burning building and left unattended thereafter, without putting the firefighting crew in jeopardy. Another innovation incorporated into the Grantham MechVent™ is its firefighter escape platform to facilitate emergency exit from a burning building by a firefighter.

Finally, the Grantham MechVent™ is able to apply enough water to suppress the flames in a burning compartment without flooding it with so much water that it compromises the building’s structural integrity, accomplished by a rotating nozzle delivering only 9 gallons of water per 10 second burst.

So come one, come all to Booth #250 at the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, Maryland from July 19-21 to discuss the terms of licensing this revolutionary firefighting tool.

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