Cabot Guns Wins the NRA Pistol Championship in its First Year of Competition

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Cabot Guns’ Brian Zins wins the NRA National Pistol Championship at Camp Perry with his Cabot 1911.

Cabot Guns’ Brian Zins wins the NRA National Pistol Championship at Camp Perry with his Cabot 1911.

Cabot Guns, a Pennsylvania company that fields pistols recently called the “Rolls Royce of 1911’s” by the editor of the Blue Book of Gun Values, can now crow about its accuracy capability, too.

The NRA holds its national pistol championship each year at Camp Perry. The victor emerges from a field of 700 top competition shooters.

"Only a few short months ago we committed to fielding a team at Camp Perry," said Cabot Guns President and Gun Designer Rob Bianchin. “We believed in our team and we knew we could supply them with a fantastic firearm – an accurate firearm. But we knew the logistics of the timing would be challenge."

Camp Perry hosted its 109th annual marksmanship tournament this past weekend. The national tournament is widely held to be the “World Series” of competitive pistol shooting.

"We were excited to have our team led by Brian "Gunny" Zins," said Bianchin. "Brian did a beautiful job showing off what a Cabot Gun can do in such expert hands. On Saturday I watched him place 10 consecutive bulls eye shots to claim a perfect 100 point target. Each shot was an X…meaning that it was scored into a 1.7 inch ring."

Zins finished the tournament with a score of 2649, just 3 points ahead of the next competitor but having 26 more “X” shots than the runner up. It was a nail-biting third day of the tournament with Zins coming from behind in true Championship form. This will mark Brian Zins’ 11th National Championship.

Prior to this year, Brian won 10 titles in 18 years, a winning percentage of 56%. Zins’ record makes him arguably the greatest competitive pistol marksman. The next best shooter in the 109-year history of the Camp Perry national championships has won 6 times.

"Bianchin is obsessed with product quality" says Zins. "He and the craftsmen at Penn United Technologies have a rigorous standard for guns and are employing technology to create a new standard of perfection. There is something different about the Cabot 1911 from any other pistol I've won with before. There's something unique about the action. My guess is that the pistol's the tolerance fit between the tangs and rails of the gun - built with Cabot's innovative technology - contribute to the action of the gun. The feel, balance and weight of the gun just makes it easier to shoot."

Reached for comment in Los Angeles, California, pistol Cabot Guns enthusiast and actor Joe Mantegna whose name and star were featured on the Team Cabot Jerseys said, "My congratulations to the Cabot Guns NRA National Pistol championship winners. I'm proud to represent this great company, and hats off to the pistol team."

Team Cabot consisted of four shooters: Brian Zins, William Bethards, Shane Clevenger and Keith Hanzel. In addition to shooting legend Brian "Gunny" Zins, William Bethards and Shane "Brick House" Clevenger were former Marine Pistol Team member with Zins. William Bethards, was recently featured on Top Shot Season Four and is now an FBI firearms instructor based in Fredericksburg, VA. Bethards became a fan favorite on Top Shot for phrases such as "hey diddle diddle, right down the middle" and is known for his quick wit. Bethards commented during an interview at Camp Perry that he was pleased to join the Cabot Gun Team and that the guns were performing as designed. Bethards coined a new catch phrase at Camp Perrry, "Cabot, gotta have it".

The Cabot Gun Team also claimed the Bronze medal - third place among 98 four-man teams - with an aggregate tournament score of 3,387. The team had a slow start with a 9th place finish at the end of the first day of the tournament. On day two, Team Cabot placed 6th and shot the lights out on the final day of the tournament propelling the team upwards in the ranking and next to the U.S. Marine Corp Pistol Team.

Cabot Guns President Rob Bianchin also attributed the success to the dedication of the excellent craftsmen at Penn United Technologies, ammunition supplier Atlanta Arms and Ammunition, team armor KC Crawford and of course the talented shooters on Team Cabot.

Cabot Guns is collaboration between Cabot Guns and Penn United Technologies Inc., a world-leading precision manufacturer. Together they design, build, and market seven model 1911 handguns. Cabot Guns are machined from solid blocks of 4140 billet steel to within tolerances of 2/10,000th of an inch. Cabot believes our frames and slides are the most highly-engineered components ever made for a 1911. Penn United Technologies' proprietary technology allows the frame and slide of a Cabot 1911 to be completely interchangeable with other Cabot 1911 frames and slides. This is unheard of in our industry. Cabot Pistols exceed National Match Standards for accuracy right out of the box.

Cabot Guns and Penn United Technologies, Inc. are located at 799 N. Pike Road, Cabot, PA. Please visit and

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