The Secret World: Great new MMORPG, Greater Challenges? Raydrix Guides are your key to victory.

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Funcom's new MMORPG, The Secret World tests players with brand new questing concepts and character development. Highly rated Raydrix Guides offer popular and complete solution to player leveling and domination.

Funcom’s new MMORPG, The Secret World has taken the gaming world by storm, with a new twist on the genre. The Secret World has been given high praise from respected portals and magazines, such as PC Powerplay: “The Secret World is a breath of fresh air in a stale genre.” Funcom is also registering exceptionally high playtimes per player in the game.

Now while Funcom claims that this is an indication that players are enjoying their time with the game, it has also been noted that The Secret World is becoming notorious for its complicated quests and difficult decision making process in terms of character development. Despite having premade “decks”, with over 500 skills and abilities to choose from it is quite challenging to take class decisions. Players have reported spending vast amounts of time digging through internet forums, sometimes having to retry several areas, due to the maddening level of game difficulty in certain quests and regions. However, the hardcore group of professional gamers behind Raydrix Guides has set out to change all that.

Our review team set out to find how and where to get the best possible resources to help both new and experienced players with the game. The most popular websites and guides were reviewed and evaluated in terms of content, depth, value for money, and updates. They were also scored based on popular appeal, and what our reviewers found was shocking differences in quality of resources.

While there are several options for players to turn to in terms of both free and paid resources, our reviewers found that Raydrix Guides offered a level of expertise and depth that was unmatched. Raydrix Guides stood out as being a cut above the rest, both in terms of quality and detail in content. With many satisfied subscribers, Raydrix Guides are emerging as a top quality, valuable resource for players of The Secret World. Unlike most other resources, the guides are all in PDF format, universally accessible on PC, mobile devices or tablets like the iPad which makes them an easy to use, quick reference.

Raydrix Guides have been highly rated by players and respected review sites as being one of the most comprehensive resources to The Secret World. The information in the guides is sometimes out later than other sources. However, those strategies and methods are often still being experimented on by the community and not always successfully. A source at Raydrix Guides was contacted for information, and they claimed that ensuring the highest levels of quality and usability was the main priority and philosophy behind the guides.

With smooth guidance on starter areas, straightforward quest walkthroughs elaborating every single detail and secret, a complete crafting guide that helps players create high level equipment, clear explanations of game mechanics and great ideas for player vs player (PvP), Raydrix Guides has raised the bar for players of The Secret World to a new level.

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