2012 Indian Guar Gum Report Sheds Light on Opaque Industry

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Three Headed Lion releases 2012 Guar Gum Report highlighting industry risks and opportunities; detailed information of India’s Guar Gum supply chain revealed for first time.

Our goal was to uncover the details of the Guar Gum supply chain, with key insights from industry leaders and participants.

Three Headed Lion (THL) today announced the release of 2012 Guar Gum Report: INDIA, a first of its kind report which reveals the problems, opportunities, and complexities of the opaque, fragmented market of Guar Gum.

“80% of the world’s Guar Gum is grown in India, and the fragmented nature of the supply chain and the lack of transparency caused the price of Guar Gum to rise 1,458% between December 2010 and May 2012,” explains Javed Matin, the co-founder of Three Headed Lion, and the lead author of the report. “Our goal was to uncover the details of the Guar Gum supply chain, with key insights from industry leaders and participants.”

The report is available for instant purchase and download at http://www.threeheadedlion.com/guargum.html. It contains the following highlights:

  •     an overview of the current state of the Indian Guar Gum market
  •     uncovers the Guar Gum supply chain by revealing the opaque elements in each step from farm-to-export
  •     in-depth review of critical factors impacting the supply and price of Guar Gum
  •     current sentiment of key stakeholders - farmers, traders, processors and logistics operators
  •     an outline of historical trends and a forecast for 2012 (with quarterly updates from the field)
  •     insights from interviews with key administrators, government officials, farmers, traders, processors and logistics operators
  •     expert recommendations for Guar Gum buyers
  •     detailed charts and graphs on pricing trends and production yields
  •     a comprehensive directory of India’s Guar Gum processors
  •     a comprehensive directory of India’s Guar Gum warehouses
  •     a comprehensive directory of India’s Guar Gum quality assurance consultants

The THL research team interviewed the largest cross section of industry leaders and participants for a report on this volatile commodity:

  •     150 farmers across 28 Guar producing districts in the states of Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat and Punjab
  •     CEOs of five leading Guar Gum producing companies in Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat
  •     Minister of Agriculture, Rajasthan
  •     Minister of Industries, Rajasthan
  •     Minister of Agriculture, Haryana
  •     Minister of Industries, Haryana
  •     President, All India Guar Gum Manufacturers Association
  •     20 traders across Rajasthan and Haryana
  •     Chairman, State Seed Corporation , Rajasthan
  •     Director, Department of Agriculture, Punjab
  •     Director, Department of Agriculture, Gujarat
  •     Sr. Agriculture Scientist and Guar Specialist, Rajasthan
  •     Director, Agriculture Research Institute, Haryana
  •     Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture Department, Rajasthan
  •     Ex-Seed Corporation Chairman and Farmer, Birwar, Rajasthan
  •     Deputy Director, Port Authority, Gujarat
  •     Director, Indian Meteorological Department, Delhi
  •     Director, Indian Meteorological Department, Rajasthan

With over 35 insightful charts to illustrate our key findings, THL's 2012 Guar Gum Report provides unparalleled insights into the fragmented, opaque, world of Guar Gum in India. The report comes with quarterly field updates for a year.

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