Profound New Philosophy Comes to Entrepreneurs Through New Book Site

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entreBOOKS Now Offers Personal Book Selections and Commentary From Leading Small Business Guru, David Shepherd...All-Time Most Influential Lists In Progress... Site Called "Inspirational!"

The end of marketing…zero overhead…1% is HUGE…gaps and breaches…simple systems, 35 word strategies…invisible costs…photomaps…

These are just a few of the innovative concepts that small business guru, David Shepherd, has developed to help thousands of small business owners find a more profitable business model and more fulfilling life.

Now, reaching what he terms the “give-back phase of life,” Shepherd has launched, an online book site that will become the repository for everything he has read, everything he has created, and everything he has taught about his unique philosophy of small business success.

One need look no further than his “Top 10 Most Influential” list of books. Drawn from his home library of over 350 favored business books, Shepherd has included books in his Top 10 written by a mathematician, a comedian, a Jesuit priest, a psychiatrist, and a famous self-help author. To say Shepherd’s eclectic stew of ideas is unusual, would be an understatement; these works are selected not just to educate, but to inspire!

Books that makes the cut, are only sharpened in relief by those that do not. There are, for example, no books on Shepherd’s list by Peter Drucker. “No offense meant to the prolific author of business management,” says Shepherd, "but I just find little value in his big-company advice when it comes to the nuts and bolts of running a true 'mom and pop' business. Small companies are not at all like big ones, nor should they try to be.”

Today’s entrepreneur, Shepherd believes, whether a sole proprietor working at the kitchen table, or CEO of a 50-person firm, must take a different path than the popular one which enables so few to reach financial security. Shepherd refers to the approach currently advocated by academics, consultants, and most authors as the “Futile Way” of doing business and contrasts it with his revolutionary “OneWay” approach. Thousands of entrepreneurs have attended Shepherd’s live events and many of their businesses—and lives—have been changed as a result.

In fact, Shepherd, a 30 year instructor and practitioner of entrepreneurship, realizes that most of what is published today is not worth the very limited time that entrepreneurs have to give. Yet he discovered that most online book sites are based on the model that more is better, packing their sites with thousands of “links,” hoping for a sale. This, Shepherd notes, is just the opposite of what actually works in small businesses, where less is always more, where simplicity always reigns.

“I realized that I needed a way to organize the books that have been most influential to me and on my teachings,” Shepherd said. “For the thousands of entrepreneurs I have taught over the years, and hopefully more to come, this will become a means to tap into the original texts of what so many have found informative and inspirational. Sure, the site will seem Spartan at first, but entrepreneurs don’t have much time. If they can come to trust my recommendations, they will always have a vital selection that they can order with a click and be reading in seconds if they choose the e-Book format.”

While working his way through the 350 books on his shelves, Shepherd begin with these priorities in mind:

  •          Rank his Top 50 Most Influential of All Time
  •     Write detailed essays (far more than “reviews”) about each
  •     Add a current “Book of the Month” selection each month
  •     Award an annual “entreBOOKS Book of the Year” award
  •     Make his own books available on the site (He is currently committed to publishing two e-Books per year)

Says Arizona-based entrepreneur Bill Branson: “I’ll probably buy quite a few books, but I’m definitely going to read all of Shepherd’s essays. I’ve been following everything he has written or presented for twenty-five years and there’s just no one out there like him, no one who reaches mind, body, and soul in the way that he does. The impact is both inspirational, and measurable. On the bottom line, that is.”

Each month, entreBOOKS will have a theme for which selected books will be featured. The theme for August is “Simplicity.” Members of entreINSPIRE, a related company, will attend David Shepherd’s LIVE monthly Webinar on that theme. Information on membership may be found at

Visitors to entreBOOKS will also want to sign up for David Shepherd’s daily messages of education, information, and inspiration. They may do so on at either, or

“Obviously, this can’t happen overnight,” Shepherd says. “But if an entrepreneur wants to start to see things differently, and live his or her life differently, then visiting entreBOOKS once or twice a month and joining us for the entreINSPIRE LIVE Webinars, will reward them in unexpected ways. That I promise.”

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