Modelling London, The UK's Largest Online Model Agency Directory UKMA, Announce Their Brand New Section Dedicated To Modelling In The UK's Capital City, Up And Running

Share Article launch their comprehensive new modelling in London guidelines to all models wanting to break into the modelling industry.'It's where the top modelling are,' explains Helen Stark, fashion editor for UK Model Agencies. 'Modelling in London is the first step for any model in Britain to make before thinking about going international.' The experts at the heart of the modelling industry inform and advise any aspiring model and their latest section is no exception.

Modelling London

We really wanted to offer safe passage for all model journeys

The experts at UK Model Agencies are proud to open their doors and usher models everywhere to enter in and learn about the benefits of working in modelling London.

As their website dedicated to all that is modelling grows on a daily basis with brand-new pages full of model advice, their latest new section advises and informs models how to get around London quickly and safely.

'Time is usually of the essence in getting from one photo shoot to another and it's not all that easy to get around London quickly if you're not used to it,' says Helen.'The modelling industry is still a world fraught with danger for inexperienced models, even more so in London. We really wanted to offer safe passage for all model journeys. We've seen a lot of inexperienced models fall foul of thieves on the transport system over the years and we wanted very much to do something about it.' She goes on to explain, 'if you are new to modelling, especially in London, then you may be quite taken aback how fast the pace of life there is. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, rushing from here to there, and because the transport situation is quite frankly, a bit of a nightmare, the journey that you may have thought would only take 10 minutes, could actually take two hours if you're stuck in a jam, and this can cost a model of job quite easily.'

With their brand new section just launched, the team at UK Model Agencies feel they have answered a lot of the questions they get asked by models, and hopefully covered the answers a model may not have yet considered. 'Our aim is to open the eyes to models new to London, and any other big city for that matter, that it is so important they have their wits about them wherever they go. We have new sections advising models how to travel safely in London, how to keep safe at night and have a new section on travel advice for female models in London. The danger of sexual predators is a very real threat, especially for a stunning looking model and sometimes they need to simply blend into the crowd if they can between modelling jobs. It is so important for them to take off the photo shoot make up as this is usually very over the top and thus making the model stick out in the crowd and perhaps giving off signals and a look they wouldn't normally want to.'

'We're not going out of our way to scare new models, but it's those new to the London modelling scene who don't think about the dangers, perhaps having lived in the countryside or rural areas most their lives,' she continues. ' It's especially hard for teen models, just leaving the safe environment of school life and our travel advice for teen models is an invaluable source of information for any teenager thinking of coming to the bright lights of London.'

The website is growing every day and with more unique visitors than any before, it certainly seems that are a hit with models everywhere.

'Our new London modelling section has only just begun,' says Helen. Over the coming weeks, it will grow and grow and we are hoping to have an offshoot website dedicated entirely to the world of London modelling - so watch this space!'

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