Effectively Communicate Using the Unconscious Mind in Type Resources Workshops

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Type Resources' workshops will examine eight different language styles and the emotional energy behind each to identify and overcome breakdowns in communication.

To help improve communication in both our professional and personal relationships, Type Resources will offer a web series based on C.G. Jung's mental functions beginning September 11, 2012.

The mental tricks we inadvertently play on ourselves and others are often rooted in how we naturally use our minds when attempting to communicate with one another. Overcoming these tricks is easy according to Bob McAlpine at Type Resources who believes the secret to success is recognizing the emotional energies experienced when encountering the language style of each of the eight mental processes identified by Jung.

Some individuals find what one says to be the most brilliant thought, while others may perceive it to be totally off base or unworthy of consideration. What causes such different reactions to the same statement? The answer rests in how natural the language style of the mental process is to the listener.

There are eight language styles and eight different emotional states, one for each mental process. The language style being used to engage a person and the person’s typology, determines how one will naturally react or respond to the message. This response is triggered by the language style being used rather than what was said. When one fails to recognize the cause of the emotion is the language style, one is tricked into believing the reaction was a result of what was being said. This misidentification of the cause of the reaction may result in several reactions.

McAlpine finds that when team members are struggling to maintain a positive working relationship, learning about the different language styles and emotional energy creates a foundation for improved respect and effective communication among the members. He stated, “It’s bringing the unconscious drivers into conscious awareness that lead to success.”

To improve your team member relations and learn more about these language styles, you can attend Type Resources' webinar series on this topic. The web sessions are $97 each, or you can save 25% when attending the complete series of eight. As Michael Josephson said, “You don’t have to be sick to get better.” Every person can always improve their ability to recognize, speak and react positively to others. Gaining the ability to engage others using each of the language styles is a great way to get better.

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