Studies Published, More Planned on Endometriosis Therapy Without Surgery or Drugs

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After a recent study in the Journal of Endometriosis examined a non-surgical, drug-free treatment for pain and female infertility, Clear Passage Physical Therapy® plans to continue research efforts addressing female reproductive and urogenital health conditions.


Journal of Endometriosis

The JE study showed significant pain relief at all phases of the menstrual cycle and decrease in intercourse pain for women surgically diagnosed with endometriosis.

A pioneering study recently published in the Journal of Endometriosis (JE) is the latest in a series examining a non-surgical, drug-free therapy to treat pain and female infertility. This follows similar studies that examine the effectiveness of a manual physical therapy, the Wurn Technique®, as a treatment for conditions as varied as blocked fallopian tubes, intercourse pain, sexual problems and female infertility.

The latest study, published in late 2011, expands an abstract originally published in Fertility and Sterility. The JE study showed significant pain relief at all phases of the menstrual cycle and decrease in intercourse pain for women surgically diagnosed with endometriosis. All patients received 20 hours of the therapy, generally administered over five days.

After receiving the therapy:

  •     85% of participants reported decreased intercourse pain
  •     80% had less or no ovulation pain
  •     71% had decreased menstrual pain, and
  •     50% of participants reported decreased pre-menstrual pain

Therapy for the study was performed at the headquarters of Clear Passage Physical Therapy® in Gainesville, Fla., the hub of a national network of clinics. The group has announced plans to expand its research study efforts into other areas, including a drug-free treatment for hormonal conditions. Scientists have cited the work of Clear Passage in several pioneering studies that examine non-surgical, drug-free treatments for various female reproductive and urogenital health conditions.

“We are very excited by these results,” said Larry Wurn, Director of Clinical Studies at Clear Passage. “We will use information we learned in this endometriosis study to help develop and evaluate our treatment for other female pelvic and reproductive issues. Our goal is to help women with pain or infertility to achieve results while avoiding the costs and risks of surgery or drugs.”

Endometriosis is a painful, chronic condition affecting over 6.3 million women and girls in the U.S., according to the Endometriosis Association. There is no known cause of endometriosis, in which tissue similar to that lining the uterus is found outside of the uterus, including the ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, bladder and bowel. During menstruation, this tissue swells and bleeds, often causing significant pain or infertility.

Traditional treatment methods, such as oral contraceptives, can decrease the pain but also prevent pregnancy. Surgery can cut or burn problem areas, but problems can return to the surgical site due to the adhesions, or internal scars, that form after most pelvic surgeries.

About Clear Passage Physical Therapy
Clear Passage Physical Therapy® is a network of high quality physical therapy clinics specializing in hands-on treatment of women’s health conditions, adhesions and chronic pain. Clear Passage treats patients from all over the world, approximately 20 percent of whom are healthcare professionals.

Clear Passage was co-founded by Larry and Belinda Wurn, PT, a husband and wife therapy team. It was born from Belinda’s personal experience with adhesions and the couple’s quest to bring her relief from debilitating pain after pelvic surgery.

About the Wurn Technique®
The Wurn Technique® is a hands-on manual soft tissue therapy developed to treat the adhesions that often accompany female infertility, pain, endometriosis, intercourse pain and small bowel obstruction. This therapy is practiced exclusively at Clear Passage Physical Therapy® in several U.S. cities, clinics and has been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious medical journals.

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