Pipeline Jobs Portal Urges Immediate Approval of the KeystoneXL Project

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PipelineJobs.org, a leading portal for pipeline jobs, urges immediate approval of the KeystoneXL pipeline to create American jobs and secure America's future energy needs.

Pipeline Jobs
"The KeystoneXL pipeline is critical for our economic security, energy security, and national security." - Sam Edwards

PipelineJobs.org, a leading web portal for pipeline jobs, urges President Obama to immediately approve the State Departments recommendation to allow the KeystoneXL pipeline to cross the border from Canada into the United States.

Sam Edwards of PipelineJobs states "Spurned by the Obama administration for several years now, the Canadians are turning to China to buy their oil. They are planning to build a pipeline to the Western coast of Canada and then to transport the oil to China using oil tankers. This approach will create significantly greater risk for environmental damage than the pipeline to America's oil refineries in Houston, Texas. In addition, the Texan refineries are designed and operated to much higher environmental standards than the Chinese refineries, meaning that every barrel of oil which is processed in a Texas refinery creates less damage to the environment than an equivalent barrel of oil processed at a comparable Chinese refinery."

Mr. Edwards continues "This loss of the KeystoneXL pipeline also costs the nation 20,000 shovel-ready pipeline construction jobs and many permanent jobs which would be created to maintain the pipeline and refine the oil in Houston."

Mr. Edwards further states "This decision by President Obama raises energy costs in the United States by depriving Americans of inexpensive Canadian oil. In addition, it also punishes our close ally Canada and rewards several brutal dictatorships with additional oil revenue. Instead of being able to buy oil from our friendly Canadian neighbors, Americans will be forced to pay more for oil from the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez or from the Islamist dictators of the Middle East."

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