A Santanning Spa Responds to Recent Reports of Health Concerns Associated with Airbrush Tanning

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A Santanning Spa, the privately owned premiere tanning spa in San Diego county, has taken positive action to prevent exposure of its clients to DHA during airbrush tanning.

In light of ABC’s newscast on the dangers of inhaling DHA while receiving a spray tan, A Santanning Spa has implemented actions and policies to ensure the continued safety of its clients. In the report, ABC indicated a substantial risk involved with inhaling DHA (dihydroxyacetone), the organic ingredient found in almost all spray tanning solutions. After watching the ABC newscast “A Santanning Spa was concerned that they might not be doing enough to protect there clients.” (Char Benton-new owner of A Santanning, reports)

Initially, the company designed and built a small room in the rear half of the spa that housed the equipment for performing multiple customized airbrush tanning sessions daily. the specialized room included an open booth containing 2 large filtered extraction fans which would draw the overspray thru the filters and eject clean air out the back. However, Char Benton and the staff at A Santanning began to notice alarming incidences of a left over substance.“We noticed that after 9 or 10 spray sessions, a small amount of mist began lingering in the air. This really hadn’t concerned me until after I saw the news report.” (Char Benton Continues) It was this “small amount of mist” that prompted Char to take steps to further protect her clients from the possibility of damaging their lungs by breathing in aerosolized DHA.

To improve the filtration of harmful chemicals from the Spa's atmosphere, Char Benton decided to upgrade the paper filters in the extraction fans. After installing smaller micron sponge filters, Char Benton and the staff at A San Tanning noticed an immediate improvement in the amount of particulate matter left behind after each air brush tanning session. "By switching to reusable sponge filters which could be washed out at the end of each day, the spa was able to maintain their original filtering capability without loosing extraction strength throughout the day."(Char Benton Reports) A Santanning Spa decided to take further steps to protect clients from DHA by installing another high CFM exhaust fan in the spa as well as making protective wear a requirement for clients while undergoing services. "Safety is our highest priority at A San Tanning Spa, from the products we use, to the services we provide, our team strives for an absolute balance with nature."(Char Benton Concludes)

With these added measures in place, A Santanning Spa is leading the way in safety. None of the implementations made by Char and the staff members are permit regulations. It is important to understand the health risks associated with spray tanning and to find service providers who hold the safety of their clients in high regards. Persons interested in learning more about airbrush tanning or getting an airbrush tan should contact Char at 619-562-8726 or visit their website at http://www.asantanningspa.com.

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