Home Cleaning Company vs. Independent Cleaner: Determining the Best Value Based on Need

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April Lane’s Seattle Cleaning service recommends that consumers understand the difference between hiring an independent housecleaner and a cleaning company. Each offers advantages and disadvantages based on the specific needs and concerns of the client. Selecting the right one for the job can save money and worry.

When hiring someone to clean your home it can be difficult to decide whether to go with an independent contractor or a home cleaning company. Each has advantages over the other depending on the customer’s specific needs and concerns. April Lane’s Seattle cleaning service would like to help acquaint people with these basic differences and offer advice on how to decide.

The differences between cleaning companies and individuals are not always set in stone. The following list is intended as a basic primer on what each does well, based on prevailing practices and policies. However, some companies succeed at maintaining the personalized attention more commonly found with an individual housekeeper, while still being able to offer the services of a company. It is much more difficult for individuals to act as companies due to financial constraints, but whether or not the customer deems these services necessary will ultimately be the deciding factor in which is the better value.

Home cleaning companies and individual cleaning contractors usually have very different policies on minimum cleaning hours and cancellations. This is due to the number of people that typically work on a site. When companies use multiple cleaners, minimum cleanings can be required to be at least 4 hours due to offsetting transportation costs. Individuals can afford to be more flexible with their minimum cleanings, but at the cost of making their schedules less accommodating. Companies with many employees are usually happy to help with rescheduling, thus, limiting cancellation fees.

A big concern with hiring a house cleaner is turning over the security of your home to a complete stranger. With an individual, it can be easier to build trust since it is always the same person cleaning your house. Companies may not assign the same cleaners every time, instead relying on their own security systems to ensure safety. Either way it can be a bit of a gamble, but fewer unknowns can’t hurt.

An individual contractor’s cleaning standards can each be vastly different, but once established, are more easily monitored. Companies, on the other hand, can act as a safety net, working to set and maintain standards for their entire crew. On the first visit, a deep cleaning lasting longer than subsequent visits brings the house to the level it is meant to be maintained at. Individuals may not always have as high initial standards, but can be easier to work with directly. Companies tend to have more set standards, but should also be eager to satisfy. Some customers just feel more comfortable dealing directly with the cleaner, while others would rather deal with managers… personal preference.

The biggest difference between the two is with insurance and liability coverage. Companies are far more likely to carry both and are actually required to. Individuals that have insurance are usually more expensive. Like all insurance, it can seem unnecessary to insist your housecleaner is covered in the unlikely event of an accident…that is until something goes wrong.

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